How to Configure Email Accounts of Nokia N99i and Nokia N95 8GB Clone (China-Made Cell Phones)

If you have been wondering how you can send and receive emails using your China-made cell phones like Nokia N99i and Nokia N95 8GB clone, then you have to learn first how to configure email accounts of these phones. It might be tricky to some users but the steps are actually very simple:

First, go to the main Menu. From there, follow these steps in configuring email accounts in China-made cell phones like the Nokia N99i or Nokia N95 8GB clone. Since the operating system of China-made cell phones units are virtually the same, I presume this simple tutorial will also apply to other cell phone models made in China.

From the Menu option -> Business Zone -> Email -> Email Profile

Choose an email profile to use (e.g., Profile 1) or create a new one by editing the name of an existing profile. Open Options -> Edit.

From the Edit menu, configure the following sub-menus or items:

a) Profile Settings. Under Data Account, choose GPRS (default is FET so change that to use GPRS and the pre-configured GPRS account). To activate WAP settings, read the previous tutorial on How to Configure Nokia N99i V9+i, Nokia N95 8Gb Clone and Other China Cell Phones to Connect to the Internet andother related articles. Depending on your network, you will also need to activate the GPRS and MMS settings for these phones using network-exclusive details. Check with your network provider the details needed.

b) Outgoing Server. You will need to fill up the following fields under this Sub-menu, i.e., Outgoing server, Outgoing Port (default is 25), Display Name, Email Address, Username and Password. Again you should check with your network provider the needed values for these fields.

c) Incoming Server. Just like in the Outgoing Server sub-menu, you need to fill up the fields in this section, i.e., Incoming Server, Incoming Port (default is 110), Username and Password. For other options, you do not need to change anything. Keep the default values.

d) Signature (optional). You may or may not change this sub-menu.

As a word of advice, check with your network provider the correct configurations of the GPRS and MMS settings before you change a thing in the Email setup of your China-made cell phones. They are the prerequisites to this task.

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  1. ivy says:

    i m using nokia N99i with dual sim. I am not able to connect to the internet through the orange botswana network

  2. wilson oca says:

    how install free internet to my cherry mobile T8?

  3. Melisa says:

    hi can u help me how to activate GPRS of my phone its N800, china-made cellphone?

  4. Kenny Jones says:

    do you know how to set the tv n99i mms and internet settings on at&t network

  5. blants says:

    where can i found the business zone in my n99i mobile from the menu options, where should i go next? i don’t find any business zones..

    please help thank you

    • Hi, I made some changes in the AUTO SHUTDOWN ON/OFF of my Nokia N99i. My problem is, everytime I power on my Nokia unit, there appears a message “Auto Shutdown Due”, and in few seconds it will shut off.Pls help me how I could deactivate this setting. TY

  6. rhazelle says:

    hi help how to change the n95 clone message tone into mp3 format

    • jessie says:

      I’ll try to look into the workaround needed for this. You see, in converting ringtones and message tones, you might need to convert the music file into the desired format, say MP3. There are downloadable MP3 message tones for Nokia and it could work with your N95 clone. I suggest you try it first.

  7. Fabrizio Gerada says:


    I also have an n99i model but it seems that my software version is an old one, any idea how I can update my software to a newer version? as on the market it is being sold the new version.

    For example I do not have a memo function, I can see the calendar but no functions :/

    please help meeee

    • jessie says:


      Your Nokia n99i cell phone has limited capabilities. The software (OS) of Nokia N99i is likewise China-made and many functions are really missing unlike real Nokia phones which are powered by Symbian OS.