How to Activate GPRS and MMS of Nokia Phones Powered by Sun Cellular

Here is the fourth tutorial on how to activate GPRS and MMS of Nokia Phones and enable WAP settings. After setting up the configurations properly, your Nokia cell phones will be able to connect to the internet, browse webpages and download emails. In this article, Sun-powered cell phones (Nokia and other phones with similar navigation and configuration settings) can use the following procedure in activating GPRS and MMS. The first three tutorials were titled “How to Setup WAP by Activating GPRS and MMS of Globe Cell Phones“, “How to Setup WAP by Enabling GPRS and MMS of Smart Cell Phones“, and “How to Configure Nokia N99i V9+i, Nokia N95 8Gb Clone and Other China Cell Phones to Connect to the Internet“. Please read these articles for your guidance in enabling configuration settings for other networks and other phone brands.

Automatic Activation of GPRS/MMS/WAP

Go to Menu -> Services -> WAP -> Settings -> Edit Profile
Select Sun WAP, Press Activate Profile and Save
Go to Menu -> Messages -> MMS -> Message Settings -> Server Profile
Select Sun MMS, Select Activate Profile and Save
For corporate accounts, fax a letter of request and ID of the authorized signatory to 395-0138. Approval and activation maybe slightly delayed.
Text “ACTIVATE” and send to 2300
If unable to activate,please call Sun Customer Hotline (200 on your mobile phone).

* If surfing or MMS sending does not work or results in an error, please proceed to the next step for manual setting.

Manual Activation of GPRS/MMS/WAP

Setup/Enable GPRS
Go to Menu -> Services -> Data Account -> GPRS
Select Sun GPRS
Account Name: “Sun GPRS”
APN: “wap”
Select SUN MMS
Account Name: “Sun MMS”
APN: “mms”
Exit and save settings

Setup/Enable MMS
Go to Menu -> Messages -> MMS -> Message Setting -> Server Profile
Select Sun MMS, Select Edit Profile
Rename Profile: “Sun MMS”
Homepage: “’”
Data Account: “Sun MMS”
Connection Type: “HTTP”
Proxy Address: “”
Proxy Port: “8080”
Select Activate Profile, Yes to activate profile

Setup/Enable WAP
Go to Menu -> Services -> Wap -> Settings -> Edit Profile
Select “Sun WAP”, Select “Edit Profile”
Rename Profile: “Sun WAP”
Homepage: “”
Data Account: “Sun GPRS”
Connection Type: Select “HTTP”
Proxy Address: “”
Proxy Port: “8080”
Select Activate Profile, Yes to activate profile

Please post in the comment section of this article any problem you will encounter in setting up your Nokia phones powered by Sun Cellular. I hope these tutorials on how to connect these phones to the internet by enabling GPRS, MMS and setting up WAP have helped a little.

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  1. laliene says:

    i am dissapointed i switch to sun cellular sim because somebody tell me that sun sim nice,now i want to activate the gprs i type the ACTIVATE then i send it to 2300 the reply of 202 is your handset configuration cannot be completed please help me to activate my sim nokia1680c

  2. anthonie says:

    what mms/gprs setting for 2730c-1

  3. John Robert Tinio says:

    Hindi po ako maka internet sa cellphone ito po amg units sa cellphone B88 Duo my phone

  4. Zydne says:

    Hello super problimatic ako sa cp q nokia c3 hindi ako mka pg msg sa 0facebook kahit nka connect ako…paano ba yun? Khit comments empty ung box kait may sinunulat na akong msg sa msg box,,,,tanx pls reply

  5. rose says:

    how can i use my internet..

  6. RAMON says:


  7. rose ann says:

    how to activate nokia 5233 in sun internet?

  8. pat says:

    I tried everything. I already called 200 but still nothing happened. What should I do now? my phone is C3-00.

  9. lambert says:

    gprs activATION

  10. Ben says:

    I can’t login with my 2go. Whenever i’m trying it, it says ‘cannot connect to 2go servers. Please check your gprs settings with your network operator and try again. I’ve been checking and resetting it but still not working. Please help me out.

  11. angelina zuniega says:

    thank’s GOD bless..

  12. jefF says:

    hi,bk8 puh gnun?nagttry puh ako mkapg surf thru my laging ‘connection failure.check settings..pr0 nagawa quh nmn puh instructions niu..plz help..her’s mY n0.09335603532..tnx..

  13. ana marie gealon says:

    help me open my GPRS and MMS…MY CELL unit china phone C3 nokia

  14. Eva says:


    I have a problem with my phone N6070. Everytime im g0ing to connect to internet thru my ph0ne it always says that subscribe to pocket data first, what I’m gonna do? pls help.. I’ve already receive the GPRS settings and yet its not working. Thank you. Pls reply

  15. aiza says:

    i have already followed the steps i got from your website about on how to activate gprs/mms/wap manually and automatically,but when i surf the net on my mobile the “unknown host” appear, what should i do to benefit the internet services?

  16. Analyn B. Catis says:

    I’ve tried the instructions above on how to activate a china phone… I am using nokia 5800 nkapasok naman aq sa facebook kso pg punta q sa profile ayaw nia insufficient memory lumalabas ok naman settings q built in browser gamit q.

  17. mas says:

    it’s nokia 2730c is working for this configuration of mms, gprs and wap?

  18. BIG D! says:

    pano po pag nokia 2630 hindi po ako makapag facebook zero.

  19. ZILLIAN says:

    bakit server not connected.?

  20. khea says:

    tnx a Lot po d2..gumagana sya..nkkpag FB na ako..hehe. minsan nag iinsufficient memory po yung phone ko

  21. Gilbert says:

    Please help me activate my broadband connection with my nokia E71. It’s made in china and i’m using mint 7.

  22. sara says:

    bakit di ko maopen ang GPRS ng QP30 ilang beses ko na natry wala parin po sia paki open ito no. ko 09327668310

  23. NikkosJha-el says:

    please help me configure my iphone 4 (china)… please please. i did some works on my settings by following what u have posted above… but it seems like i cant get it right. the last time i edit the setting with ur data provided.. an error occurred. UNKNOWN HOST was the response of the browser. please please please help me with this.. haizt

  24. Belma G. Sto Tomas says:

    Thanks! my unit is blackberry 8310 and i can’t activate my GPRS. Can u help me activate my unit so i can use my internet.hope u caN HELP ME..

  25. Kenneth Mico says:

    GOD..! this info is so useful.. hehehe .. (^^,) now.. I’m browsing in Suncell.. for free in any websites i know.. hmm

    It depends to the website if there need to take a charges to browse there site.. (^^,)

  26. jonalyn maingat says:

    how to activate my GPRS an MMS my phone is my phone T23 cp # is 09226188073

  27. rik says:

    how to set up nokia N900?

  28. ederlyn says:

    bkit po request timeout lumlabas s cp ko pgmgopen ako ng website..ska dko po alam panu iset ung settings n sinsabi..ngtext kc skin ung 200.iset ko dw ung setting dko alam panu. n96 unit ko..e2 #ko 09232300714

  29. ederlyn fonseca says:

    hindi ko parin po maiset up ung gprs. nhihirapan po ako.. Nokia N96 po unit nito..e2 din po #ko(09232300714)

  30. jennifer abiera says:

    how to activate the 2600 model in mobile internet?

  31. rj says:

    whats wrong with sun cellular?! i cant activate gprs on my nokia e63. i have tried all other networks on the same phone and all of them worked quickly.

  32. kris says:

    help naman on how to open my gprs my phone is tv mobile nokia.nafollowed ko n ang configuration url error ang sagot.tnx

  33. conie says:

    +639066807553 mag ingat kau sa manloloko bka ma reyp kau ng tao may ari ng number na ito nanalo daw ako ng p650.000 atty daw cia kuno

  34. anna rose yu says:

    i already follow the instructions above but my phone cant connect, ‘ it says not enough memory’ what will i do? reply pls… tnx

  35. Kristine Narvadez says:

    please help me with my nokia C3 smartphone, the fone says connected whenever i connect to a wifi, but when i start to go to an address, the fone always says SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA FIRST. I am a SunCellular subscriber, so i should be able to have a free facebook, but it always says SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA FIRST. need reply, thanks.

  36. malcum michael menchavez says:

    i have a samsung e2210 pero hind maactivate ang gprs ko

  37. wenpil says:

    yePey!!! tHank yOu!. . .
    i was able to configure my phOne H802. .
    thankz tO ur help. .^^

  38. jzahri says:

    pls i just want to know how to open my gprs blackberry 9800c using sun cellular simcard….

  39. salbahesto shofonian says:

    bakit ayaw ma save ang ibinigay na configuration settings? at hindi mag activate ito ang unit ng phone ko nokia 7360

  40. micahhoseamartinez says:

    i have the same problem…i cannot configure my settings….The first time i did it it was right….i saw yahoo and facebook on my phone but suddenly it was gone…i cannot go through it…What can i do..i followed all the instruction given…my phone is Nokia E72i..i hope you will answer my problem..Thank you so much

    • janice says:


      please help on how to activate my gprs phone is Nokia6120c powered by sun

  41. nina says:

    i tried the following the steps in the tutorial, however, when i tried to go to the homepage.. all i got was, insufficient memory..

    why did that happen? i still had some phone memory space..

    my phone unit is tianxin h003 tv

    pls help me find configuration for it..

  42. niza says:

    hi,,,gud day,,,i ask na paano mag activate ng gprs nag try na ako tumawag sa sun customer service pero wala pa daw activation ang phone ko…ang model ng phone ko ay h869d china nokia po ito,,,thnx ,,,

  43. yhave says:

    please activate my handset settings my cp no. 09324172290 and my cp unit nokia n5800 pls tnx

  44. moreno,maryglenn says:

    wla nman un cutomers icon nyo paano ko maactivate un wap sa cp ko???

  45. Jenina Mitzi says:

    YES! IT WORKED! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! God Bless ^^,)

  46. sarah says:


    how can i activate mms on my Nokia phone 5130c-2 so that i can send a multimedia messages to my friend. please i need an urgent reply right now

    this my ID: u can send my ur reply there as soon as possible. pls

  47. janice says:

    hi i want activate the gprs to subscribe through my phone i have a china phone v68…

  48. hannah says:


    i’ve tried the instructions above on how to activate a china phone…i am using nokia e71 but it doesn’t just says gprs not subscribed then i tried again it says not enough memory:c

  49. dennis says:

    can someone fill in the blanks for manually setting up iphone 3g using sun network

    settings > general > network > cellular data network

    cellular data

    MMS Proxy
    MMS max message size

    from their website

    APN mms
    MMS proxy

    that’s all i can find…put it in there but it’s no good … =<

  50. madelinee says:

    I also got the same message “GPRS not subscribe”
    and on the setting
    Setup for MMS
    i cant edit The Data account to Sun MMS
    every i chose it just back to gprs setting.
    in short i cant edit it.. is there any way?
    my phone is China phone Nokia 6300..thanks… sun subscriber..


  51. joan says:

    how to activate my gprs connection to my Nokia C3 china phone?

  52. kath says:

    it says not enough memory. what might be the problem? please reply. thanks

  53. Julie Pejo says:

    ..i have a problem with my sony ericsson w395..i can’t activate my GPRS as well as my handset configuration???
    ..can someone help me??
    ..i’m using Sun Cellular network..

  54. shela says:

    please help gprs already activated but in my setting i dont have Proxy Address and Proxy Port.. what should i do? please help me.. you can send your answer at my e-mail address thank you so much

  55. popoy says:

    hi i need help.. can someone post a config on how to setup iphone 3g to access the internet with sun cellular network.. tnx

  56. rhea says:

    why i can’t send nor receive mms from my nokia c5? i already received the the confirmation that my registration has been successfully activated.

  57. Orly says:

    I can’t access my web, what happen? S0meb0dy can help me? I already f0ll0w the sun configurati0n steps, i really tried it many times and i make it sure that i really d0 the correct procedure but still i failed to connect. Same result, always “SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA FIRST” then afterwards “LINK NOT AVAILABLE”

  58. renan says:

    my phone is a nokia 6500 slide, how can i activate my phone gprs so that i can used it for my internet browsing

  59. herilou says:

    how can i activate my gprs on my N5130-c,nokia original cp.

  60. jesilla says: me..on how to activate my GPRS with my Chinaphone model NOKIA E52??? and also how do i install java into my cp????pls. help me..answers are much appreciated!!

    thank you!!

  61. dan says:

    everything i did was correct.. it’s just that whenever i visit the homepage, a warning pops up “not enough memory”

    what should i do? thanks for your help.^^

  62. loida says:

    pls. help me to activate my GPRS and MMS with my CHINA PHONE NOKIA N5310.pls contact or text me this is my number 09335414601.. i’m waiting to your answer. thank you and more power….

  63. elaine says:

    plz help me to activite to my gprs and mms my 09222850162 tnx

  64. rhona says:


  65. rhona says:

    hi can u help me how to active my GPRS the problem is when i subscribe is not available GPRS please help me thank u

  66. ramsey ferrer says:

    please help me how to activate my gprs and mms. Wat Should i do please help me tnx. just txt me @ 09234620188

  67. Fritzie says:

    i have a problem whenever i connect to the internet, it says packet data not available please check network services. my phone is nokia 6070 and i have configured the setting already i followed the SUN configuration settings. what’s the problem with this??please help me..

  68. acers27 says:

    hi, i followed the steps you gave on how to set up the sun gprs but when i try it says gprs is not subscribed, what should i do? pls help..

  69. dakesh says:

    hello how to activate gprs service in nokia 5530. pplz send the steps for that .it is not going to success. plz send reply fast .in net the setting for other mobile are given but not for Nokia 5530.

  70. anchie says:

    i try your instruction to activate gprs/wap but nothing happens my cp unit Nokia e71 china phone tnx more power waiting for your reply

  71. mylene caballero says:

    i already followed those steps pero nung itry ko na it says connection failed bakit po ganun tama naman ung mga steps pero wala pa rin help naman po!i’ll be waiting for your answer!^_^ i really want to explore internet without going outside!

  72. Cristi says:

    I follow already your step by step guide on how to setup MMS and GPRS. My mobile type is Nokia 6300i. I cannot find the proxy address and proxy port to my mobile. pls help me. for any help on how to configure my gprs and mms pls. just text me on 09226026449. thanks.

  73. arlienlim says:

    sa mga my iphone 3g dyan na mysun subscribed help me naman i open ang gprs ng cp ko huhu

  74. arlienlim says:

    please help me nmn poh i have iphone 3g inactive q ang gprs q and it active nmn un no. q poh but pg pupunta aq ng bronzer ng fe2ild

  75. jess bautista says:

    don’t know how to open a multimedia message sent from 240, it came from one who sent it anonymously. it also said that I may be able to view it from this website at http//WWW.MMSGALLERY.COM.PH.correspondingly with a given set of figures to input as my name and password number. But still I can’t. Please show me how. Another is that while I was talking to someone in Lucena city and lipa City, I had on three occasions experienced being told by the person I was conversing with , that they hearing clear voices of two persons talking that would figure we were having a party line. I am in MAKATI city.Another thing though is when I was calling up my son and on different instances , my phone would indicate that my phone is on hold and that you would soon hear a tune from a piano playing. My CP is a Nokia E63 series newly bought from a Nokia Center store. Hope you would take the matter up of great concern. Thanks

  76. danna says:

    i can’t activate gprs in my china phone. what will i’m going to do or edit in my phone?? pls help.. tnx!!

  77. George M. Revuelta says:

    i also encountered the same problem. i keep on trying and trying and has the same warning!!! “there’s a problem communicating with the business layer”. why?

  78. maria teresa noriega says:

    why can’t i open the it says there’s a problem communicating with the business layer

  79. maria teresa noriega says:

    can’t activate it my unit is 6500.

  80. jessica says:

    hi……………. panu ko po maiaactive ung GPRS ng phone ko! my phone model is 7250i. tnkz po

  81. jinxx says:

    I also got the same message “GPRS not subscribe” I tried using APN: “minternet”.. now it will say connection failed…. Maybe I just need a load to connect…weeeeeeeee

  82. mylene caballero says:

    hi! can you please help me activate my phone it’s a 6120 china mobile thanks.I really wanna activate my phone thanks and more power!

  83. rwrtgr says:

    ano bah talgang port 9201 o 8080 ???????????

  84. love says:

    my china phone doesnt have the following options:

    Connection Type:
    Proxy Address:
    Proxy Port:

    how about that??

  85. mike says:

    BASSTY search it to the Internet browser: suncellular gprs settings! den click”go”

  86. mike says:

    click the http it contains ip add: and proxy port at your gprs settings

  87. BASSTY says:

    Hey! everyone i need configuration for my Iphone can u help me!!! My GPRS in globe is open but in SUN I need its configuration?

  88. blants says:

    i followed your intructions, and great! it worked..thanks!

    i wanted to ask… how can i set-up the opera mini on my N99i tv-mobile phone?!

    i badly wanted to know how to do so…please help me…email me if you could help…thanks a lot!

  89. Maria says:


    i would like to activate my MMS
    my mobile is nokia 5530 xpress music
    Can you please let me know how to do it?

  90. val says:

    how much is the rate for an hour using sun internet?

  91. Philippine Exam Results says:

    I have followed the manual Setup of WAP, however am getting GPRS not subscribed, upon checking the homepage . . kindly advice

  92. anil says:

    How to activate the MMS and GPRS setting of NOKIA 2600 CLASSIC?

  93. mel says:

    hmmmm, im having a problem. i cant find SERVICES and everything thats in there. is it on the TheMall or something? i really dont know wer to find it. please reply soon. just add me on my yahoo messenger. sygallosa is my username

    • rodban says:

      same here, can’t find that “SERVICES’ thing’ even the MALL does’t have it…. pls. help us find solution…. my unit Nokia 5233. new postpaid plan.. tnx

  94. roni iriarte says:

    hi… i have a problem… what should i do to subscribe my pocket data first thus my phone is nokia 6300 and it is already activated in my globe sim settings and i cannot surf in the internet when im using my sun sim card…plz do help me…….

  95. jayson says:

    i have a problem whenever i connect to the internet, it says packet data not available please check network services. my phone is 6120 classic and i have configured the setting already i followed the SUN configuration settings. what’s the problem with this??

  96. Joane says:

    I’m trying to configure my MMS/WAP Settings in my N2680 cellphone and I’m encountering problems such as “Packet data not listed”. What does this mean? Thanks.

  97. Alexandra Arrieta says:

    Hello, I would like to ask if you could make a tutorial on how to configure 3g on my iPhone using sun cellular? I just recently unlocked my iphone 3g using Ultrasn0w and it worked, so now I am using Sun Cellular and I noticed that the APN in the cellular data is blank. Not only the APN, but also everything else. So I cant send MMS and cannot use my 3g on my iPhone. Please make a tutorial on that or just email me what to put there. Thanks a bunch!

  98. mark says:

    Hi…..can u help me ” how to activate GPRS and MMS in my phone …. my phone nokia n95 8gb but it is china phone mobile… i try your guide above but still not work plzzzzzzz i nid ur help

  99. Elaiza says:

    Why is this so?
    When I followed the instructions for activating the MMS Settings…

    1st: Go to Menu -> Messages -> MMS -> Message Setting -> Server Profile, it was correct.
    2nd: Select Sun MMS, Select Edit Profile, it was still correct.
    3rd: Rename Profile: “Sun MMS”, it was correct
    4th: Homepage: “’”, it was correct.
    5th: Data Account: “Sun MMS”, correct.
    6th: Connection Type: “HTTP”, correct.
    But when I started 2 go to the next step, I could not find the Proxy Address and Proxy Port, instead, I found Username and password what should I put in these fields?

    • jessie says:

      Contact Sun Cell’s customer service at these numbers:

      Using Sun Cellular phone: Dial 200
      Landline Support Number: 395-8000

  100. johnlloyd says:

    TN A LOT

  101. johnlloyd says:

    i tried already ur guide above about GPRS but still not working it says GPRS not subscribed.
    im using n958GB
    pls help me….

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  103. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment. Before carrying out the tutorial, make sure you have enough cell phone load. Try the automatic method to activate GPRS and MMS of your Nokia phone then if it won’t work, try the manual settings. I hope this helps.

    Information, Facts and Trivias’s last blog post..Health Tips to Increase Cardiorespiratory Endurance and Regulate Heart Rate

  104. Uhm says:

    excuse me, we are having a problem on setting GPRS settings on my little sister’s phone unit is Nokia 6101. I cant use the procedures scribbled above.

  105. […] cell phones powered by other networks (Globe and Sun Cellular phones), watch out for updates. I will update this as soon as I get the chance to test the settings […]

    • randy says:

      please help me to access on facebook or surf with my mobile phone. unit is nokia x1-01. tnx. my nos. is 09238576659