Google Latitude Supported Phones

Google Latitude has just been released by Google. Google Latitude lets you find your friends and loved ones using only your cell phones. Google Latitude is a Google tracker where you can track the location of your friends and find out what they’re doing. However, before you can use Google latitude, you phone must have Google Maps for mobile v3.0 and above.I must admit that the phones supported by Google Latitude at this time are limited to a handful models only.

Here are the cell phones that support Google Latitude as of February 2009 according to Google:

  • Android-powered devices with Maps v3.0 and above. Google Android Phone (G1) users in the US will be receiving Maps v3.0 in a system update soon.
  • Most color BlackBerry devices
  • Most Windows Mobile 5.0 and above devices. Note: Some Windows Mobile devices don’t support cell-ID location detection.
  • Most Symbian S60 devices

Phones to be supported soon by Google Latitude are:

Note: Some older versions of these devices cannot support Google Maps for mobile version 3.0 and above and will receive the most recent compatible version without Google Latitude.

I will update this list as soon as Google announces support for other phone models. Google Latitude is a good application. At times you just want to know where your loved ones are and they are doing. This is a great tool to monitor their activities if you need really to. :-)

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