Google Enters Cell Phone Market With First Google Phone Release

First Google Mobile PhoneA new era dawns for internet giant Google as it releases the first Google cell phone. News about its release states that a mobile telephone tailored to run on Google’s Android software is to debut next week in New York City. This new product from Google is a testimony of Google’s intent to dominate the digital market. First, the internet, now the mobile/cell phone industry. It even launched its own web browser a few weeks ago, the Buggy Google Chrome, which in many users’ views is a failed attempt of Google to have its own web browser. In the Philippines, the first Google mobile phone will not be available in stores soon. Filipinos whose hands are itchy on cell phones must wait for a few months after its release in the United States.

In addition to this, Microsoft Network News stated that

US telecom carrier T-Mobile is slated to unveil on September 23 a “Google phone” built by Taiwanese firm HTC and to have the device for sale in stores as early as October.

Google is hoping Android will become the dominant operating system for mobile phones. It is designed to improve the speed and quality of using the Internet on handsets.

Android is being developed as an “open source” platform, meaning anyone is free to use the technology to make mobile telephones compatible with the networks of multiple carriers.

Google announced Android plans late last year and analysts reacted by saying it could potentially transform the mobile telephone market by providing service supported by advertising instead of subscription fees.

“We are seeing a number of technology companies demonstrating how Android will operate on their technology,” Google spokesman Barry Schnitt told AFP at a Mobile World Congress gathering in Spain early this year.

“Clearly momentum is building.”

Google announced a 34-member group called the “Open Handset Alliance” in November of 2007 to develop Android, including China Mobile, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, Telefonica, LG and eBay.

ARM, Marvell, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, NEC, ST Microelectronics were reportedly among companies that demonstrated Android phone prototypes at Mobile World Congress.

How will the First Google Phone fare in the US market? We’ll find out after 30 days of its release date. It will only be by that time users will have tested the new Google Phone. Let us see if its release is again premature just like the Google Chrome. I’ll update this site with the latest news about the First Google Phone aka Google Android Phone (G1).

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  5. g1 phone apps says:

    I love the fact that Android is open source. It points to a whole new era not just for Google but for Cell Phone applications.

    • That’s the good thing about the Google Android Software. The interoperability between devices has been the top priority of Google in producing the software. It’s not just meant for the Google G1 phone. The Google Android software is for a lot of multimedia devices.

  6. Elaine says:

    When it’s available here in the Philippines, I want to get one. Hopefully, wala nang bugs pag irerelease na dito. hehe

    Elaines last blog post..The Innocence Test

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