Dior Phone 2012: Christian Dior Luxury Mobile Phones with Precious Metal and Gems

Christian Dior 2012 Luxury Phone Models

Bejewed Models of Christian Dior 2012 Phone Collections

Christian Dior is one of the fashion-brands that offer jewelry, timepieces and luxury phones as part of their line-up of fashion items.

If PRADA currently got the LG Prada 3.0 Luxury Fashion Smartphone, the Christian Dior brand currently got a series of Dior Phones under three collections.

The Dior Phones are bejeweled with a combination of precious metals and/or gems. Some of them come with yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, sapphire crystals, and mother of pearls (also known as “Capiz” shells).

These models are very sophisticated like the Nokia Oro Luxury Smartphone.

Luxury Dior Phone Collections and Specific Models:

  1. The Jewellers Collection
    Zelie Black (Diamonds and Sapphire Crystal)
    Reverie (Diamonds, White Gold and Mother of Pearl)
  2. The Precious Collection
    Black and Gold (Plated Gold and Sapphire Crystal)
    Red and Gold (Plated Gold and Sapphire Crystal)
  3. The Sapphire Crystals Collection
    Glorious Black (Black Sapphire Crystal)
    Shanghai Blue (Blue Sapphire Crystal)
    Pure White (White Sapphire Crystal)

Those are the collections of Dior luxury mobile phones with the description of jewels adorned on them. With the above mentioned jewels, surely these Dior Phones are priced with four figures or even higher especially the collection with diamonds on it. Obviously, they look more expensive than the Prada Phone 3.0 by LG.

All of these Dior Phones come with multi-touch LCD touchscreens, 5MP cameras with video capability, 3G + Wi-Fi connectivity, Quad-band A-GPS, Google Maps and more. It can play MP3 music files with its Dolby digital sound. Like most smartphones, the Dior Phones can also be used for social networking on Twitter and Facebook.

The operating system installed in the Dior Phones was not mentioned on their official website’s description but these smartphones might come with either Android or Windows 7 OS.

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