Dell Mini 3/3i/3ix Smartphones: Can They Compete with iPhone 3GS?

Dell announced last year that they will be bringing to the world the Dell Mini 3 series of smartphones this 2010. They weren’t joking; Dell has unveiled its Dell Mini 3 series of Android-powered smart phones finally. With millions of satisfied Dell computer and laptop-owners, Dell is gambling they can sell the Dell Mini 3i and 3ix smartphone models quickly to their existing customers around the world. Dell is reputed to be the world’s most reliable builder of desktop PCs, notebooks and netbook computers like the following: Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook and the very powerful gaming netbook, Dell Alienware M11x netbook. Statistics show that Dell’s customers have sworn loyalty to the brand over the years.

Sample Photo of Dell Mini 3 Smartphone (Variants are 3i and 3ix)

The Mini 3 series of smartphones by Dell do not disappoint with good features and technical specifications that could be a threat to the iPhone 3G/3GS. The 2 variants of this phone, Dell Mini 3i and the Dell Mini 3ix both offer peak performance and top notch features. Aside from its stout and stylish construction, the basic Dell Mini 3 has a TFT 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen display with an onboard virtual keyboard, WiFi, assisted GPS, 3.15 megapixel camera, Full web browser, EDGE GPRS, and Bluetooth connectivity. It will be powered by a 622 Mhz processor and will have 256MB of RAM. The Android operating system means it will be fully flexible and compatible with any desktop computer.

The Mini 3i is the first of the Mini 3 series and it was exclusively available only to China Mobile customers last year. It lacked Wifi capability. The Mini 3ix is the improved hardware version aimed for the US market. Dell put WiFi and a US-compatible 3G chip to the Mini 3iX for FCC approval. It recently announced last January 6, 2010 that they have finalized negotiation with AT&T as the mobile carrier to for the Dell Mini 3ix smartphone. It will be one of the droid phones that AT&T will offer its customers this 2010. We believe Gmail, Youtube, Facebook and other “standard” apps in smartphones will be included in this device. Having an Android OS, free mobile apps like Google Goggles and Google Shopper will also run in this device without problems. On a side note, we suggest you download these free mobile apps for your droid phones.

The Dell Mini 3ix has a thinner profile than the iPhone and it even mirrors the simple menu interface. It looks pleasing to the eye and is promised to be user-friendly. Dell fans are encouraged to support the company’s first foray to the smartphone business. The Mini 3ix is reputed to be one of the best new Android phones this year and software developers are now developing paid and free android phone apps for this model as of this writing. Expect them to surprise you when they come out to pimp your Dell Mini 3 Android phone.

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