Cheap Prices of Sidekick and I-Mate Cell Phones Sold Online

After posting an article about the New Sidekick LX 2009, here we go again with our regular posting of cheap prices of Sidekick and I-mate phones sold by vendors online. Note that these prices are not fixed. You will definitely see some variances on the prevailing market prices for these mobile phone models:

  • Sidekick 3- $110
  • Sidekick 2 – $80
  • Sidekick 1 – $60
  • I-Mate Smartflip- $160
  • I-Mate SP5 – $110
  • I-Mate SP5m – $100
  • I-Mate JAM 128MB – $150
  • I-Mate JAMin – $180
  • I-Mate JASJAR – $220
  • I-Mate K-Jam – $180

Please be reminded that the list given above, just like the ones given in our previous posts dealing with Palm Treo prices, Sony Ericsson Phone Prices (Xperia included) and others, aims to serve as a simple guide to online buyers only. We are not selling mobile phones in this site and we do not intend to that anytime soon…

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