Blackberry App World Release Date and System Requirements

Blackberry recently launched Blackberry App World (a Blackberry App Store). The launch of Blackberry App World doe not have an official release date at the moment. But here’s the deal. A Blackberry smartphone user can now purchase various applications from the Blackberry App World website. Manual registration and a Paypal account are required for users to be able to download apps for Blackberry phones.

Blackberry App World

Blackberry App World

The Blackberry App world is designed so that BlackBerry smartphone users can customize their phones with games, social networks, and other apps. With Blackberry App world, users can also track the stock market among other things.

For system requirements, there are only 2: Blackberry App World only requires that your Blackberry smartphone should have an operating system version 4.2 or higher and a trackball or Surepress touch screen. The registration to the Blackberry App World is very simple and if you have a Paypal account, it won’t take you 5 minute to register and download apps for your Blackberry smartphones (any model for as long as they meet the minimum system requirements).

If you own a Blackberry smartphone and you want it to be a “smarter phone”, use Blackberry App World and explore a whole new set of apps for you Blackberry. But hey, don’t expect Blackberry App World downloads to be free anytime soon. Blackberry launched this new program to generate more income. But let’s hope free apps for Blackberry will be available soon :-)

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