White HP Veer WebOS Smartphone Headed to AT&T

HP is trying to get out of the poor-selling Palm brand and has unveiled the HP Veer webOS phone last February during the HP webOS event wherein they presented the HP TouchPad, HP Veer and HP Pre 3 as their new webOS devices. Somebody recently leaked a picture of the White HP Veer that obviously geared to appeal to women and teens.

HP Veer White AT&T Features and Release Date

While it took almost a year for Apple to issue the white model of the iPhone 4, HP is apparently gearing a ready-made white version of their new HP Veer webOS phone for AT&T.

The HP Veer created a buzz because instead of following the current trend of “bigger is better” mantra for smartphones, this phone went or veered off the other direction which is the same move as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini. It comes no larger than a credit card and no thicker than a deck of cards!

The white HP Veer is apparently headed for AT&T and rumored to be released this June or July 2011. The HP Veer’s small frame packs a mere 2.57″ LCD display and has a tiny slide-down QWERTY keyboard to help people type. Although very compact, this phone has a decent 800Mhz processor, a huge 8GB of internal flash storage, a nice 5-megapixel camera and will feature HP Touchstone support.

The other features leaked for the HP Veer is that will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, GPS and USB port. Since this phone will ship with the latest webOS 2.0 package like the HP Pre 3 webOS Smartphone, it will definitely have support for both Adobe Flash and HTML5. Since it is very small, I don’t think this white HP Veer will appeal to gamers. I doubt if the tiny display will even be comfortable for viewing web pages.

Nevertheless, at least HP is trying to try something new with their webOS business. The Palm Pre 2 in the US market has so far sold only a few units because buyers still preferred new Android phones over it. Will the White HP Veer on AT&T turn this sad state around? I hope so, I love webOS. It’s still the best mobile OS in my opinion!

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