Palm Pre Smartphone Available on Verizon Wireless in 2010!

The exclusivity of Palm Pre Smartphone or Touchscreen Phone has long been an issue this year. Palm Pre was first released in June 6, 2009 exclusively by Sprint Nextel (carrier) in the United States of America. However, this Palm Pre exclusivity deal between Sprint Nextel (USA) and Palm will not take that long and soon Palm Pre Smartphone will also be available in another mobile phone or cellphone carrier – Verizon Wireless.

Why are these carriers competing to distribute this multi-touch screen mobile phone? It is because the Palm Pre Smartphone was tagged to be an iPhone killer. Well, not really but it can somehow compete with its great features. Check out Palm Pre Touchscreen Phone’s list of specs and features to evaluate this phone yourself.

Palm Pre Multimedia Smartphone

Palm Pre Multimedia Smartphone

The exact release date of Palm Pre multimedia smartphone on Verizon Wireless (USA) remains uncertain. Palm Pre and Sprint Nextel’s exclusivity agreement was said to be over by the first quarter of 2010. So the projected Palm Pre release date for Verizon Wireless is between January – March 2010. Verizon might be crossing its fingers on this now. We’ll keep you updated of Verizon Wireless’ Palm Pre release date.

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