HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 Series Release Date and Price Leaked Like HTC HD3

Like the HTC HD 3 whose photos leaked online, HTC HD 7 Windows Phone 7 was rumored to be out on Q4 of this year. A tipster got hold of an official document from German-based O2 Telecommunications Company that shows an HTC HD7 handset is scheduled for commercial release date on the 42nd week of 2010 which happens to coincide on the rumored October 18 release date of the same phone on O2 in the UK. Based on the document, the HTC HD7 will cost 79 Euros on a two-year, 20 Euros monthly service contract but it will also be available contract-free for a mighty 559 Euros price tag!

HTC HD7 Leaked Document Picture

A leaked document from O2 Germany shows the company will launch HTC HD7 this coming October

HTC has almost completely stopped making Windows Mobile OS-powered phones in favor of manufacturing Android-based models but this latest news of the HTC HD7 coming to Germany bids well for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS initiative. I already told you about the Windows Phone 7-powered LG Optimus 7 smartphone which will also launch this coming October. HTC is not letting itself be left behind in the rush to join Microsoft’s latest mobile OS push.

Since no official announcement has been announced yet, the actual HTC HD7 release date and technical specs are still being speculated upon. One thing is for sure, this phone is for real and it will launch first on O2 network in Germany. Let’s crossed our fingers and wait for the third week of October.

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