Need for Speed Shift Game App for Nokia N8 Demos Processor Power

In spite of the fact that the Nokia N8 has a processor speed of 680Mhz only, it certainly has a lot to offer. The Youtube video below is one of our creations for our partner site on paid and free mobile apps, not just for Nokia N8 but for Android OS, iPhone, iPad Tablet and other portable devices.

Nokia N8 Free Game Apps - Need for Speed NFS Shift - Run Smoothly

The Nokia N8 (Orange) Limited Edition Sample Photo

The video shown here clearly demonstrates how powerful Nokia N8’s processor and Symbian^3 OS (which the Nokia E7 smartphone also has). Nokia N8 running Need for Speed Shift (a resource-hungry game app) is a fun car racing game that you should download and install on the N8. This car racing game for the adrenaline junkie is free, fun and Nokia N8’s processor, built on speed and efficiency, certainly served its purposes well.

There was no observed lag when playing Need for Speed Shift (NFS) on Nokia N8 and the sound quality is superb.

We’re currently testing Hero of Sparta and other free game apps for Nokia N8 and we’ll be pleased to update everyone when the videos are ready for viewing.

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