Palm Pre Web OS: Palm Mojo Software Development Kit Released

The Palm Mojo Software Development Kit (SDK Beta for developers only) was launched by Palm last week. This is specifically for Palm Pre but other models might be able to use the Palm Web OS once developments of apps via Web OS software development kit are done and ready for use. With Palm Pre gaining more popularity among mobile phone fanatics in the US and other  parts of the globe (Philippines included), the move to allow web apps developers to openly participate in apps development is indeed very timely.

According to Palm,

Palm Pre Mojo SDK Beta

Palm Pre Mojo SDK Beta Launched

The initial response to Palm webOS apps — from both developers and customers — has been enthusiastic. Even in its initial beta stage, over 1.8 million apps have been downloaded from the beta App Catalog since Palm Pre was released less than six weeks ago. Thousands of developers have participated in the Mojo SDK early access program since it began in early April. New applications are in the pipeline for the Palm App Catalog, and the App Catalog submission process will be opened to all developers beginning this fall.

Palm Pre was able to gain more attention (and sales) partly because of its cool design, ergonomic if we may add. Its design features include the following:

  • Keep going longer by replacing the removable battery on the fly
  • See web pages the way they are meant to be seen in full HTML
  • Slide out the full keyboard to type emails and messages quickly and easily
  • Navigate quickly with simple gestures on the color touchscreen

To download the Palm Pre WebOS Software Development Kit, you’ll only be required to provide a valid email add. We’ll follow up this story and its development in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

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