Nokia N900: Lower Price for Having a Maemo Linux OS?

Nokia N900 price could be much lower than previously predicted. Lots of gadget freaks are rooting for the Nokia N900 price. Is the price lower than older Nokia mobile phones? The Nokia N900 price in the market will vary. It depends whether you think it’s cheap or just within the usual range. Low price of commodities like Nokia N900 cell phone is subjective.

But if you’ll ask us, we’ll say the Nokia N900 price is high – 500 Euros! Oh man, that’s about US$710 (present currency rate). Compared with prices of Nokia N97, Nokia Surge and Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic (something we have already purchased about a week after their respective release dates), we think we’ll have to pass on this offer for now.

Nokia N900 Price: 500 Euros ($710)

Nokia N900 Price: 500 Euros ($710)

On the other hand, if you’re not thinking of the Nokia N900 price (or if you’ll simply ignore it) and the features are what matters most to you, then that would be just fine. The premise of this article is that PRICE is subjective. What may be high to you may be low to me. That simple.

But what is intriguing with the new Nokia N900 smartphone is it has strayed from the usual OS built-in with previous Nokia phones. It now uses a Linux OS named MAEMO instead of Symbian OS (something Nokia phone owners are very familiar with). Well, knowing how reliable Linux distros as desktop operating systems, let’s see if it will perform well in mobile phones such as the N900.

In another news, Nokia will also release a mini laptop called Nokia Booklet 3G. If you want to know more about these updates, head on to the article via the link given. Price, features and specs of this product are provided in that article FYI.

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