Palm Pre Plus Smartphone Release Date on Verizon: Price, Deal and Features

One of the most memorable surprises at the Consumer Electronics Show was Palm’s exciting demo of its Palm Pre Plus Smartphone. It almost overshadowed Google Nexus One Android phone’s fanfare. Just half-a-dozen years ago Palm used to be the king of handheld computers and smartphones. But Apple’s iPhone and RIM Blackberry has gravely diminished Palm’s popularity. Last year’s initial release of Palm Pre and Palm Pixi on the Sprint network failed to impress customers who all flocked to iPhone and Blackberry models.

Palm Pre Plus Smartphone Now Available on Verizon Wireless

The year 2009 has not been kind so to Palm Inc. The Palm Pre and Palm Pixi were trounced by other mobile phones – iPhone, Blackberry and HTC models like the HTC Droid. This year, Palm flexed their big muscles during CES 2010 when they previewed their new Palm Pixi Plus and Palm Pre Plus Smartphone models. Honestly speaking, the Palm Pre Plus is causing a cult-like anticipation. Palm Inc. already hinted about Palm Pre Plus more than 6 months ago and these tantalizing rumors has finally been confirmed. Palm Inc. and Verizon Wireless made the announcement last January 7 at CES 2010. Check out and the announcement is there too, Palm Pre Plus is coming to Verizon on January 25, 2010 (guess what? Palm Pre Plus release date is today). The price starts from $149.99 price after $100 mail-in rebate. Verizon also indicated that the purchase of Palm Pre Plus requires a new line or eligible upgrade with a two-year contract.

Palm used to be the dominant marketplayer for PDA and Smartphones, it still has a substantial loyal fanbase that are salivating to try this improved version 2.0 of last year’s Palm Pre.

The Palm Pre Plus comes with an impressive factsheet of improvements. It still sports the amazing webOS which is arguably the most efficient operating system right now for smartphones. Lots of detractors before are now fervent converts’ loudly extolling webOS’s revolutionary ability to add new computing features to smartphones. Handheld computing is going to be more exhilarating once third-party developers start making great HTML/CSS/Javascript apps for the Palm Pre Plus. Right now, most programmers are enamored with the iPhone and the Apple app-store hype. Once they get tired of making those mundane iPhone apps, they will make powerful web-like apps for the Palm Pre.

The new Palm Pre Plus comes with twice as much as storage capacity of 16GB. It will have full support for 3D games and more excitingly, this phone can turn itself into a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices!

The phone itself has been redesigned. Notable improvement is that Palm fixed the flimsy and small slide-out QWERTY keyboard which will make texting and sending emails much more convenient and enjoyable. The built-in flash and Integrated GPS are also much-appreciated. More about Palm Pre Plus’ cool features and technical specifications will follow.

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