iPhone 5 Rumors: Apple iPhone 5th Generation Coming Soon?

iPhone 5 rumors came out as soon as Apple confirmed the Verizon iPhone that is coming next year. According to the report on Wall Street Journal, the Verizon iPhone in 2011 will be a modified iPhone 4 that will become the iPhone 4G. However, rumors say that it may be a whole new iPhone 5 rather than the iPhone 4 gone 4G.

Maybe the iPhone 5th Generation will come sooner than thought. Last September, Apple has ceased the distribution of free iPhone 4 cases to iPhone 4G owners to address the antenna and signal problem. It won’t be a surprise if Apple will replace the problematic iPhone 4 with iPhone 5. People would definitely prefer a Verizon iPhone 5 than the iPhone 4 with signal reception problem.

New iPhone 5 Coming Soon to Verizon?

iPhone 5 or 4G iPhone 4 will be the Verizon iPhone

On October 6, 2010, Apple announced the production of an iPhone 4 with CDMA version at the end of this year. Will the Verizon iPhone be a 4G iPhone 4 or a new 4G iPhone 5? Well, it’s up to Apple and Verizon Wireless to change their decision.

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  3. just got my iphone 4 says:

    geez, i just got my iphone 4 and now iphone 5 rumors are all over the internet. may i ask when will apple release the iphone 5G, if that’s what they’ll call it? also, what are inside the iphone 5th generation model?