iPhone 4S Released: Apple iPhone 4S with iOS 5 Models and Prices

Apple’s iPhone 4S is finally here and it wasn’t a totally redesigned iPhone 5 as expected. Well, the iPhone 5 Rumors weren’t entirely wrong because the iPhone 4S came out with iOS 5, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

iPhone 4S Release Date, Models and Prices

Black and White models of the new Apple iPhone with iOS - the iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone 4S was finally released last October 14, 2011 in the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan. iPhone 4S was also released in Singapore, Mexico and 20 European countries last October 28, 2011.

The iPhone 5 Rumor: Apple iPhone 5 Release Date on Sprint was true. The fifth generation iPhone is available with contracts on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

iPhone 4S or iPhone 5th Gen is available in Black and White models like iPhone 4. Regardless of its color, the iPhone 4S price depends on its storage capacity – 16GB ($199), 32GB ($299), and 64GB ($399).

By November 2011, Apple iPhone 4S will be available worldwide with no-contract.

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