What’s New With Samsung Omnia Pro 2010 Smartphone (Sample Photos Included)

Samsung is aggressively trying to get a larger share of the smartphone market currently ruled by Apple and RIM. Billions are at stake and everybody wants their cut of the pie. Nokia has been overtaken by HTC and Samsung as serious contenders in the smartphone segment. The Korean electronics giant Samsung is releasing it their new version of its flagship smartphone Samsung Omnia Pro. It previewed the Omnia Pro at CES 2010 in Las Vegas and was warmly welcomed by fans eager to try it out.

New Samsung Omnia Pro 2010 Smartphone Picture

Samsung Omnia Pro: Full-Qwerty Smartphone

This new Samsung Omnia Pro doesn’t look much like its predecessor, the Samsung Omnia II. Check out these photos (above and below this paragraph) and you will agree that Samsung has done a redesign of the Omnia Pro 2010 edition.

Samsung Omnia Pro Sample Photo

The New Samsung Omnia Pro: A Classy Phone

Although these units aren’t powered yet by Samsung Bada OS (the new operating system developed by Samsung for their newer mobile phones), Samsung Omnia Pro handsets are still good because of their classy look and feel.

Not much details have been divulged by Samsung but the the new Omnia Pro version will integrate a video camera that can do video phone calls. It will be powered by a lightning-fast 800 Mhz processor and the usual smart phone gimmicks of a 5-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, Wifi, a-GPS, push-content from the web, and a large 3.5 inches AMOLED WVGA display screen.

What I like most with this Omnia Pro is it will have the convenient slide-out QWERTY keyboard which is still much faster to use when typing out long email or text messages. Every smart phone that accesses the web should have one. I still don’t understand why Apple won’t come up with a QWERTY keyboard with the iPhone. Samsung Omnia Pro kicks the iPhone to the curve when it comes to typing out long emails and SMS. 1-0.

My only thumb’s down for the Omnia Pro is that it will still be running on Windows Mobile OS 6.5. Windoozzze is slow on desktop and it is much slower on smartphones. I hope Samsung comes up with a droid version of the Omnia Pro. If they expect to compete with RIM or Apple, they should junk Windows mobile OS and install Samsung Bada OS just like what they did with Samsung Wave S8500 smartphone (see previous article to view sample photo of an unlocked Samsung Wave).

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