Digitech iStomp StompBox Controller for Virtual Guitar Effects for iPhone 4S, iTouch and iPad 2

Attune to the changing times, guitar effects maker Digitech is taking advantage of the new fad for Apple iOS devices. Famous for creating some of the best foot pedal guitar effects since the early early 1990s, Digitech is now also offering virtual guitar effects for iOS devices. Yes, instead of the metal and rubber stomp pedals, there’s now the new iStomp StompBox for your iTouch 4th Gen, iPhone 4S/4/3GS or iPad 2/1 Tablet PC!

Digitech iStomp Stomp Box for Apple iPad, iPod and iPad Tablets

Get this Cool and Cheap Stomp Box and Start Creating Your Own Music Using an iPhone, iPod or iPad

Just like any ordinary stomp box, the iStomp looks and work like your regular footswitch-based guitar effects. There’s the same knobs to tweak the sound effects you want to produce. But unlike regular stompboxes which are individually limited to just one particular guitar effect, the iStomp is changeable to any effect you want. You do this by connecting iStomp to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using the new DigiTech Smart Cable.

After which, you can select any guitar effect you want by going to the iTunes Store page of Digitech called Stomp Shop. From there you can buy each iStomp virtual effects for $4.95 each. There are already more than twenty effects boxes to choose from but my favorites are the Digitech Vintage Tape Delay app and the Digitech Blue Pearl Chorus, a 2-voice chorus effect!

The DigiTech iStomp StompBox is priced US$149.99. Each unit purchase comes with two free iStomp apps, the Digitech Total Recall digital delay and Redline Overdrive effects. For an alternative, we suggest you look into the Spicy Guitar Free VST Virtual Guitar if you don’t own an iOS device but if you do, better consider purchasing this product.

In addition, the iStomp can store all your purchased effects apps and can be downloaded again without additional charges should you accidentally erase them. There’s also an option to give each effects an specific LED color so you can quickly identify which effect is currently active on your iPhone 4S, iPad Tablet or iPod Touch Media Player.


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