Eton NPT200WXB Rover Self-Powered Radio/Flashlight/USB Phone Charger Price and Pre-order Details

The recent earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan have caused massive destruction to human lives and properties. The said event also caused widespread power outages which aggravated the dire situation of survivors. In times of disaster, we all should be prepared and have emergency survival tools like the Eton NPT200WXB Rover. If price is your concern, don’t worry. Eton NPT200WXB Rover Self-Powered Radio is cheap. It’s multi-purpose also for being a flashlight and mobile phone charger using its USB slot.

Eton NPT200WXB Rover Self-Powered Radio Price, Review, Specs

Don't get caught empty-handed when disasters strike. Equip yourself with this self-powered radio/flashlight/usb mobile phone charger.

Grundig AG of Germany is accepting pre-orders for their survival product, the Eton NPT200WXB Rover Self-powered weather radio with flashlight and USB cellphone charger exclusively at Amazon. Their asking price is only $49.99 with free shipping within the United States territory.

The Eton NPT200WXB Rover is the ideal gadget to be by your side, aside from all the chargers you have, when dire events occur. Grundig AG made this weather radio self-powered by incorporating an aluminum crank that’s based on TurboDyne technology. You only have to rotate the hand crank to use this radio’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

As an emergency radio, the Eton NPT200WXB Rover has a telescopic antenna which gives maximum range of reception. It can operate in AM band (520-1710 KHz), FM (87-108 MHz) and the 7 channels of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather channel.

Furthermore, this hand-crank wonder also comes equipped with LED flashlight which is really helpful in times of brown-outs. Grundig also wisely added a USB port charger which you can use to recharge compatible cell phones and other electronic devices. This radio comes with a free USB cable and uses Direct USB power transfer technology. Again, you only have to flex your arm and rotate the hand crank and you will almost have unlimited source of battery juices for your USB-powered gadgets.

Pre-order the Eton NPT200WXB Rover through this link – Eton NPT200WXB Rover Self-Powered Weather Radio with Flashlight and USB Cell Phone Charger

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