Monster iSport Immersion Washable Headphones Unveiled

Monster, one of the world’s best headphone manufacturers, announced the availability of their new iSport Immersion in-ear headphones. While they are not exactly calling it 100% waterproof, they are proclaiming this headphone as wash-friendly and sweat proof!

Monster iSport Earphones

Monster iSport Immersion Washable Earbud Headphones

The Monster iSport Headphones were created specifically for athletes and outdoor lovers who bring music with them on their daily work-out. Active people who go running or weightlifting do sweat buckets and Monster has decided that discriminating athletes deserves the best earphones – one that won’t deteriorate with regular soakings of salty human sweat.

Their dedicated team of researchers has come up with the best athletic in-ear headphones – the Monster iSport Immersion which is fundamentally waterproof. It repels human sweat and can be washed many times over! The superior sound quality of this product will stay pristine over the years because its internal electronics are shielded from the adverse effects of salty human sweat, grime, dust and dirt.

Another outstanding feature of the Monster iSport Immersion headphones is the sturdy in-ear clip design which keeps them in place even if you are doing strenuous exercises. These headphones will even stay fit and snug while you are wearing protective glasses or helmet. It has an adjustable ear pipe so you can customize the fit to your ear’s shape.

Lastly, the iSport Immersion is equipped with Monster’s proprietary ControlTalk Technology. This feature lets users easily switch between music playback and making/receiving phone calls. ControlTalk is compatible with all iOS and most Android devices. The iSport Immersion actually comes with a tiny but powerful microphone for hands-free calling.

Monster will be shipping out the iSport Immersion Headphones to stores on July. Price tag is a bit steep at $179 which is a bit more expensive than the Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature Earphones.

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