Pantech 5600mAh Mobile Charger for Phone, PDA and Tablet PC Cheap Deal

People on the go who need their mobile gadgets will love this item. Sometimes, the battery life of our PDAs, mobile phones, media players or tablets doesn’t last very long.

Therefore, back-up portable power sources were invented such as the Energizer Universal Mega Cell Battery Pack XP18000 and Pantech 5600mAh Mobile Charger.

Pantech 5600mAh Portable Charger Specs, Features and Price

5600mAh Portable Battery Back-up For Tablets, Media Players, Phones And More

Pantech 5600mAh Mobile Charger Specs and Features:

  • 5600mAh Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Charges most cell phones as well as PDAs, tablets, mp3/mp4 players, PSPs, and GPSs
  • LED light can be turned on and off by pushing the power button twice
  • Average charge time for phones – 1.5 hours
  • Input charging time – 5-6 hours
  • Life cycle>500 times
  • Input – DC 5V/1000mAh
  • Output – DC5.3V/1000mAh
  • Dimensions – 3.66″ x 1.69″ x 0.87″

The Pantech 5600mAh Mobile Charger for Phone/PDA/Tablet PC sells for a regular price of $79.99. Today at, buy one for only $13.77 plus $5 shipping fee.

For about $19, customers get a brand new Pantech 5600mAh Battery Back-up which packs more power compared to the Revolve Electronics xeMilo Hybrid USB Charger.

It also comes with different charging heads so it is compatible with Apple’s iOS devices, Kindle/Nook eReaders and phone brands like Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and more.

This Pantech 5600 mAh power bank comes with 1 extension cable, 1 wall charger adapter, 4 charging adapters and one year limited warranty.


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  1. Carmel McCartney says:

    I purchased this a couple months ago and already it is broke only used it a couple times where do I go for a replacement very disappointed