After the Upgrade to PS3 Firmware Version 2.4.2 Sony PS3 and PSP Sales Up

Just afer Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) upgrade to 2.4.2 firmware was launched, another news about Sony was released. The news about Sony’s combined sales of Sony PS3 and PSP units must have been inspired by the successful outcome of PS3 update to 2.4.2.

The National Post published in their website that Sony Corporation locked in a three-way battle with Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co. Ltd. in the video game industry, has sold over twice as many PlayStation 3 consoles in the second quarter of this year than in 2007.

Sony said on Tuesday it had sold 1.56 million units in the April-June quarter, up from 700,000 units a year earlier.

Sony also said it sold 3.72 million units of the PlayStation Portable hand-held in the three months, compared with 2.13 million units a year earlier.

The company has left unchanged its targets to sell 10 million units of the PS3 and 15 million units of the PSP in the year ending March 2009.

The Sony PS3 update to firmware version 2.4.2 is new and Sony PlayStation users and fanatics might be seeing the making of Sony PS4 with the latest outcomes of sales of Sony.  This is just a speculation but I think it’s not far from happening.

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