Unlocked Motorola Aura Price and Features of Sim-Free Cell Phone Model

While every phone manufacturer is leaning towards making futuristic designs, Motorola came out with a bright idea of  bringing back artistry on the phone. An Aura that can be felt just by looking at it and much more intimately impressed upon holding one of these babies. The Motorola Aura is re-establishing the value of art in its craftsmanship. The Motorola Aura prides itself with excellent manufacturing and distinctive interface.

Sample Photo of Motorola Aura Smartphone

Sample Photo of Motorola Aura Smartphone

This lovely phone comes with a $1999 tag price (more expensive than the Droid, it seems), but before you say something let’s see what the Aura features:

  • 16 Million Colors – a first in the phone industry to offer a 300 dpi resolution circular display.
  • 62 Carat Lens – A grade 1 sapphire crystal to complement the high resolution display making it the most scratch-resistant display ever.
  • Meticulous Crafting – The chemically etched steel housing takes at least two weeks to sculpt the textures and patterns, etch and polish.
  • Swiss-Made Main Bearing – when it comes to precision watches, the Swiss made materials are on top of the chain. The Aura’s main bearing is Swiss-made, what more can we ask for?
  • Custom Engineered Mechanisms – Aura possesses a 130 precision ball bearings that drives the assisted-opening blade which guarantees the same fluidity as the first one.
  • Tungsten Coated – The Aura is protected by a Tungsten Carbide coating that enhances the Rockwell 50-55 hardened steel gears
  • 700+ Individual Components – Features include up-scaled nickel-chrome-plated exposed screws.
  • CrystalTalk Technology – Motorola’s own way of making life easier by making live conversation clearly audible even on noisy environment.
  • Mirror Polish Finish
  • Aluminum Keypad

Motorola Aura Review: With an engineering so highly sophisticated, the Motorola Aura phone deserves the price it is asking for. Soem did not agree with this though. But when you consider quality and art at its finest, then a sim-free (unlocked) Motorola Aura is the right one for you. However, if you’re down on luck or short on cash, this phone is definitely an expensive piece of hardware. Try Verizon’s Motorola Droid Phone (newer model) if that is the case.

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