Cheap Chinavasion Portable Mobile Phone and GPS Jammer On Sale

We can’t deny that we all get annoyed by inconsiderate people who use loud ringtones inside a church. Nothing is more offensive that hearing cell phones that play Justine Bieber Baby Baby Ooh song while listening to your Sunday Mass.

Chinavasion Portable CellPhone and GPS Jammer Sample Photo

For less than $40, you can have privacy and comfort with this pocket cellphone and GPS jammer that works in 10 meter radius distance.

To avoid such an awful experience, I suggest you buy the Portable Cellphone and GPS Jammer from Chinavasion. Copy and paste this link to your browser For only $36.14, you can enjoy total peace of mind when hearing a mass or attending any other solemn occasions.

The Portable Cellphone and GPS jammer is small enough to put inside your pocket and it has a jamming radius of 10 meters. It’s simple to use, no setup necessary. Just turn it on and it will jam all GPS, GSM and DCS signal with a ten-meter radius.

This device is powered by AA batteries so it’s very convenient to use. There are cheap rechargeable batteries so you can use this jammer wherever and whenever you need it. Business executives or teachers may even use it to silence all those annoying smart phones or cellphones so important discussions don’t get disturbed.

Furthermore, if you really value your privacy and you think somebody might have put a GPS tracker to your car, just turn this jammer on and it will shield your from malicious surveillance.

This gadget is worthy of a James Bond or Elite Anti-Terrorist forces. Most explosives right now are triggered by cellphones. If security forces find an explosive with a cellphone detonator connected to it, bomb experts can bring the Portable GPS and Mobile Phone Jammer with them. This way they can safely disarm the weapon without worrying it will blow off in an untimely manner.

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