Zone 40 Wireless Gaming: A Cheap Nintendo Wii Clone?

Zone 40 Wireless Gaming Consoles are sold cheap. With Zone 40, you can enjoy wireless gaming for the entire family. It looks very much like the Nintendo Wii, hence others call the Zone 40 wireless gaming device as a Nintendo Wii clone or knockoff. Despite the significant similarities in design, the former is much priced lower and players can only choose from 40 built-in video games.

We’re not  very certain is Zone 40 Wireless Gaming consoles have an expansion slot or even has the expansion/upgrade capabilities like other more expensive gaming consoles but with its cheap  price (GBP25 or about US$40), it has received  some attention in the UK, where it is  initially offered in electronics stores.

Sample Photo of Zone 40: New Wireless Gaming Console Dubbed as a Nintendo Wii Knockoff

Sample Photo of Zone 40: New Wireless Gaming Console Dubbed as a Nintendo Wii Knockoff

Zone 40 Wireless Gaming consoles are not recommended for children under 8 years old. It can be played by two players and powered by 4 Double A and 6 Triple A batteries.

We will post an update about this Zone 40 wireless gaming console when its availability in the United  States and Asia will have been announced.

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  1. Moti says:

    I bought this yesterday. Looks to have a good selection of games. Can’t afford wii.

    OK, here’s the problem – my TV does not have the yellow video port! It has red, white (audio – and I can hear the game); red, blue green (tried putting yellow into each, no dice) and a pin type video port and a holes-in-a-circle type video port. No yellow! How lame is that? So make sure your TV has yellow video port before you buy Zone 40.

  2. Pamela says:

    How much does this cost? Can it use Wii controllers? Where can you buy this?

  3. Haley says:

    I am thinking about buying this but i have a few questions. What are some of the games that are on it? Do you need to buy anything else to play this or does it just plug into the tv and work? How are the graphics? Do you recommend buying this for a 15 year old girl who just wants a cheap game to play? Thanks so much!

  4. nab says:

    hi, i am struggling to connect with tv but no success i am using sky, and sony tv help me please

  5. sol says:

    You can buy it on CVS online store.


    i need to purchase a 9v adapter where do i get one?

  7. futbolamigo says:

    I saw this wireless gaming thing at CVS and I must say that if you wanted to get 40 games and a Wii, even the cheapest games, you would spend over 300 bucks. Definetly. Maybe its not the big name but maybe also you want motion sensor games but not a big loss in bucks? Go for the zone 40. Looks cool.

  8. iBradleyAllen says:

    I bought one for $10, but gave it away, the graphics are so bad. but now i wanted to ask, has anyone opened this up, what is the chip inside? Either its a mask programmed device meaning its not easy to reprogram; or its field programmable.

  9. Cindy K. says:

    I have dish network also and the tv has to be on channel 3. Also if it is not coming up on your tv make sure your tv is set to ‘game’. I bought this just to have something to play with occasionally. I think it’s great! I love the bowling and tennis games which require you to move just like you would with the Wii. I bought it at CVS. The clerks at my CVS actually had one set up and they play it when they’re not busy. They said they sold a lot of these at Christmas and have had none returned. The list of games are: Fencing, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Ping Pong, Bowling, Soccer, Fishing, Swimming, Basketball, Darts. Then there is Sword Warrior, Chessmaster, Motor Storm (racing game), High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 100 meters, 100 Hurdles, Walking Race, Discus, Javeling, The Mouse and teh Cat, Undersea Adventure, Zuma, Highway Racing, Dancing Girls, Box World, Squares, Fire man ( sort of like the old Mario Bros.) Bomber-Man, Hitting Mice, Shooting Balloons, Snakes, Archery, Fish WAr, Sudoku, Tanks, Speed Racing, and Bee Fighting. It’s obviously not a Wii but for occasional play it is great. Personally I like this because I can think of a lot of other things I would rather spend a couple of hundred dollars on than a Wii not to mention the price of the games.

  10. Peggy says:

    No instructions came with my console on how to set up the TV to play. Can someone help me get this set up?

  11. Beth says:

    Im having trouble getting it to come up on the tv. I tried the video1 input/output and I stil cant get anything..We have Dish Network and was wondering if the main tv had to be on channel 3 or 4..I tried that but it still wouldn’t work..Any suggestions?

    • iBradleyAllen says:

      @Beth, as a general rule the yellow colored cable is the video/picture part, the white/red are the left and right audio channels.

      connect up the video cables, then power the device on. go into your tv set INPUT menu and try to cycle thru the SOURCE: ANT or VIDEO and it may take a few cycles until you see/hear the video box whether its this zone 40 or anything else.

      the difference is that the ANT (antenna) uses a radio frequency and then the sound and video signals are just added in. How it can do this still amazes me. how one cable can have so many channels at the same time? amazing. when its channel 3 or 4 that means the radio frequency setup the channel is tuned in to get the audio/video. when you use the 3 cables that push in (RCA type cables) with red/white/yellow colors those are just the audio/video without the radio, so you wont be putting it on any channel, its got to be a different “SOURCE” or INPUT from the televisions point of view.
      hope that helps

  12. angela riley says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can get a replacement of the number 1 controller which is the main controller to play the game can not play the game without it.I brought it for my son for christmas and he loves it he can not play it because the number 1 contoller is not working.

  13. Brenda says:

    Can you use the attachments like the tennis club, steering wheel etc like you do for wii? There were some with the game when I bought mine but when I got to the register they said u do know this is for wii not zone 40. Why would they put it with the game if its not for the game???? Can anyone answer this please.

  14. erika says:

    does anyone know where i can buy the zone 40 cvs is out of stock.

  15. sherri says:

    are you able to buy different games for this or is what it already has in it all you can use ?
    interested in fitness

  16. RHONDA says:

    We bought the gaming system but it doesn’t come up on the tv what’s up with that

  17. John says:

    I just bought this game console, and yes the graphics are not even close to a wii, but for the price the system is not terrible. The games are fun, especially fencing, tennis, baseball..there is about 15 interactive games and the rest are arcade games. The interactive games use the same kind of motion a wii uses..the other games you just push the buttons on the wireless game controller.

    The controllers need 3 aaa batteries not included. The a/c adapter is not included either..

    CVS sells this system right now (during the holidays) for $30-40 depending if you have a extra care card..the adpater is Free-$5..depending on the sale. Overall, a great gift for a child under 12 or a adult who isn’t into gaming but would like to play a video game every so often like me!

  18. […] are 40 games installed in every Zone 40 wireless gaming console (a Nintendo Wii clone, according to some observers). Unfortunately you cannot additional […]

  19. Maty says:

    Someone gave this to my son, and its very cool. He’s happy and the Zone 40 wireless gaming console games are nice. Granted it is not a Wii, but if you looking to entertain a 7-yr. old this is a nice alternative. I am very grateful for the gift! :-)

    • Brenda says:

      Can you use the the tennis or the steering wheel like on the wii on this. I just bought my grandsons one for Christmas ages 6 & 7. They had the attachment on the shelf with the zone 40 but when I got to the register they said it wasn’t for the zone it was for the wii game. Then why was it with the zone system. JUST ASKING IF YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP ME PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THANKS,

    • angela riley says:

      @Maty, My son is 7 and he loves it to .

  20. Abenezer says:

    can you put new games on the zone 40 wireless gaming consoles?

  21. saleh slasher says:

    some of the games in zone 40 wireless are soccer, golf,and tennis. I DO NOT OWN THIS SYSTEM. and its just a really crappy version of the wii. only for people on a low budget otherwise get a wii!!! they are way better

    • Maty says:

      I mean you pay for what you get the Wii is four times, the price. It might be “better” but by the end of next year there will be a another version..Stupid and pointless, to flush money down the toilet!

    • Ron P says:

      @saleh slasher, The Zone40 For $9.99 on sale at CVS is a great price compared to Nintendo Wii $200 — The Wii has only a bit better graphics $9.99 or $200.00– No Brainer.

  22. Linda Knupp says:

    Yes, could anyone tell me what some of the 40 games in Zone 40 wireless gaming consoles are? Thank you Linda

    • Volsung says:

      I wish I could remember more, but I do recall tennis and “balloon shooting.” Personally, I think it looks like crap and would never imagine buying one. But I’m probably bias because I’m a pretty hardcore gamer. I’d say go with an actually wii if you can. You won’t be limited to 40 knockoff titles.

  23. Drizzt says:

    For the price I feel it is a great deal. I’m sure people in there teens won’t like it but I think adults on a tight budget or low income will like it. I am 44 yrs. old and my parents are in their 60’s ,we both own one and enjoy it very much. I also have neighbors on fixed incomes that are going to purchase one.

  24. Metroboy says:

    Zone 40 wireless gaming consoles are on sale at CVS for $29.99 (USA) – 09/22/09

  25. Jody Weissler says:

    Just saw the Zone 40 wireless gaming at a CVS Pharmacy so it is very much available in the USA.

    • felicia says:

      what is the graphics of zone 40 wireless gaming system like? somebody said this machine takes a lot of batteries.

      • sue shaffer says:

        is the zone 40 a good thing to buy? im not a youngster who’s looking for killing games etc. more into family related games.

      • Carl says:


        The games are not gory and bloody. They are all more like old Atari games or Commodore PC games without so many millions of colors but still very colorful and lots of fun. Some are clones of older arcade games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders, etc.

        There was a driving game, a motocross motorcycle racing game, and many others that looked good on this review. Just disregard what the spoiled brat kid says who is doing the review about how crappy they are. He’s one who has all the latest and most expensive games that cost $30 to $60 for just one stinking game cartridge, I’m sure. I suppose we’d all be as ignorant if we had a rich daddy too.

        If you want inexpensive but very entertaining fun, then BUY IT… At $29.99 at C.V.S. stores that’s less than $1 per game with a free console!

        • Carl says:


          P. S. You can buy a variable power adapter/reducer at Radio Shack for any 3 to 12 volt device and never worry about having a power adapter for any such device in your home again.

        • christina says:

          @Carl, I am gaming dummy how do you hook it up

    • phillippe says:

      does anyone know where i can find the power adapter for the zone 40, (350 9volts)???
      been looking all over miami, fla, can’t find it!!!

      • Drizzt says:

        Try Radioshack, That’s where I got mine. It was around 20 dollars.

      • Carl says:


        You can buy a variable power adapter/reducer at Radio Shack for any 3 to 12 volt device and never worry about having a power adapter for any such device in your home again.

      • Jim says:

        @phillippe, CVS is giving a $4.99 AC adapter free with the Zone40 wireless game purchase ($29.99)

    • denise robateau says:

      @Jody Weissler, i purchased a zone 40 in new orleans for my grandson and got to atlanta and opened it and the rca cable is not in the box how do i get one

    • Ron P says:

      @Jody Weissler, I bought the Zone 40 last week at CVS for $9.99–works great