Peter Answers (Pedro Responde): Can Peter Answer All Your Questions?

Peter Answers (Pedro Responde in Spanish) is basically a javascript for the web. Peter Answers is also branded as a virtual tarot because it seems highly accurate in answering most questions posed by people online. This program Peter Answers fetches keywords from queries and returns possible answers from its database which has preset answers to queries using mathematical functions (probability functions, I believe).

Screenshot of Peter Answers or Pedro RespondeSome people find Peter Answers amusing. I have actually used a program similar to Peter Answers in 1996. It was actually saved on a floppy disk and just like Peter Answers, that program (which was designed for use in the field of Psychology) has preset answers. In fact the difference between that program and Peter Answers is that, you as the user answers the program’s questions. In Peter Answers, the program answers your questions.

Peter Answers does not aim to answer all questions in a logical way. Some answers of Peter are humorous and illogical. But hey, it’s so much fun playing with a script that seems to answer some questions in a logical way. At some point, Peter Answers also was able to answer our queries accurately which is perhaps due tot he probable answers provided by the programmer in popular questions such as “How much money do I have?” or “What are the things ony my desk?”

If you want to test Peter Answers, feel free to try it. Don’t just expect that this program can answer all your questions appropriately. It’s just a program written in Java. But maybe it could provide you a feeling that you’re talking to a real human being. Cool!

Lastly, Peter answers is not a free downloadable software or game. You have to play it online at I hope there will be a free offline version of this script ready for download in the near future. It’s fun and you can even amaze your friends when you play with this javascript.

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  1. Sophee Jayne Johnson says:

    it don’t even work like it says it does!!

  2. YVONNE says:

    my screen is locked with a key that is requesting a combination of four numbers.the problem is i dont have the numbers

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