Opera 10.60 Free Download: Now With Built-in Malware Protection and Support for WebM Videos

The new Opera 10.60 comes with more speed, a few bug fixes, support for HTML 5 elements and most impressively, it now includes AVG’s Web Threat Data Feed to shield you from malicious websites and malwares. Is the Opera 10.60 the competition’s answer to Google Chrome 5.0.376.86? Maybe. However, the new Opera v10.60 is the first browser ever to include an embedded anti-malware add-on and people accustomed to Internet Explorer and Firefox should now seriously consider shifting to Opera 10.6. You can download this free browser from www.opera.com/browser/. If you want a fast browser with added protection when you surf the internet and download files, this one is the best browser recommended.

Download Free Opera 10.60 (Photo of the Official Logo)

Opera 10.60 Regains the Speedtest Crown and Sets Record for Being First to Support WebM video format

Opera has previously featured fraud protection with data feed from Netcraft and PhishTank but version 10.60 is a lot more secure now with AVG data providing real-time feed of malicious URLs. Opera can protect you from websites that host browser-based malware attacks, rootkit installers, Trojan downloaders and other malicious computer activities. Aside from this robust security, Opera 10.6 also comes with full support for Google’s new HTML 5 video codec, WebM. Aside from Google’s Chromium, Opera is now the only current web browser that can play WebM video files. Other HTML 5 features now supported by this version are Web Workers, Geolocation API , and better support for offline web apps and Cross-Document Messaging.

Old Opera users will also notice a significant speed boost from version 10.5. The latest Opera 10.60 Carakan rendering engine and Vega graphics engine in Opera 10.5 tested as fast as Chrome 6. Not satisfied with this feat, Opera engineers worked on improving the Javascript engine. Their work has been fruitful, version 10.6 now feels 50% faster than version 10.5 when viewing Javascript-heavy websites such as Facebook and CNN.com.

This latest version beats all the competition in terms of speed and security but sadly, Opera still lacks the power-user plugins of Firefox. Although if you are not a heavily dependent on third-party adds-on, Opera is the best tool for browsing the wild, wild web!

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  1. roberta says:

    how do you download opera 10.6 i’ve been trying for 30 minutes here

  2. dinesh verma says:

    i want Opera 10.60 free download. thankz!

  3. Andrew says:

    Just tried it and I love it. Totally replaced my Firefox as default web browser. What a great piece of technology. Everyone should have Opera 10.60 or at least try it out. And no doubt is as fast as Chrome or even faster.