iTunes 10.6.1 Update with Bug Fixes Released by Apple

Apple took almost two weeks to work on this patch but it is finally available for download. The free iTunes 10.6.1 update can be downloaded via Software Update or from Apple’s website. This patches several errors that users experienced after they downloaded iTunes 10.6 last March 7, 2012.

A lot of people may have rejoiced with the release of iTunes 10.6 which gave them the ability to play full 1080p HD videos from iTunes Market. However, they got frustrated by several problems when they tried to sync 192kbps and 256kbps audio to their iPhone or iPad 3/The New iPad. The iTunes 10.6.1 squashes these annoying bugs and several other minor problems.

The release of Apple iTunes 10.6.1 fixes the following errors:

iTunes 10.6.1 Free Download and Bug Fixes Released

Download the free iTunes 10.6.1 update and get the bug fixes for version 10.6

  • Fixes the issues that may crash iTunes while playing HD videos, changing the size of the artwork in Grid View, and syncing images to devices like iPad 2 Tablet PC and iPod Touch 4th Generation models.
  • Solves the problem where iTunes interface elements are incorrectly described by WindowEyes and VoiceOver.
  • Fixes the problem that may cause iTunes to freeze while syncing an iPod Shuffle 4th Gen or iPod Nano 6th Gen.
  • Repairs the ordering problem when browsing TV episodes on iTunes library using Apple TV.

This software patch is rather large at 64.4 MB but it does solve the issues that came with iTunes 10.6. Again, playing 1080p HD movies using iTunes 10.6.1 still requires you to have at least a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of RAM. Apple says if you still can’t play 1080p videos with this latest version of iTunes, it means you already need to upgrade your hardware.

Internet searches usually go to or to download Apple’s iTunes. However, it automatically redirects to


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