iTunes 9.0.3 Free Download: iTunes 9.0.3 Update Bug Fixes and Improvements

iTunes 9.0.3 Update was released in February 01, 2010. The iTunes 9.0.3 version was released through Apple official website’s download page. There are two options in downloading the iTunes 9.0.3 free update. It can be downloaded as iTunes 9.0.3 for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 or iTunes 9.0.3 for Windows (64-bit). Learn more info about iTunes 9.0.3 update through its list of improvements and bug fixes.

Screenshot of iTunes 9.0.3 Software Free Download

iTunes 9.0.3 Free Download

iTunes 9.0.3 was released to fix bugs and address issues from the most recent iTunes software, iTunes 9.0.2 Version. iTunes 9.0.3 also improves its look and feel. The 9.0.3 version of iTunes software provides a new Column Browser that is more easy to use in searching albums, artists, movies and TV shows. Read these bug fixes and improvements below.

iTunes 9.0.3 Update List of Bug Fixes:

  • Addresses problems with syncing some Smart Playlists and Podcasts with iPod.
  • iTunes no longer ignores your “Remember password for purchases” setting.
  • Resolves a problem recognizing when iPod is connected.
  • Addresses issues that affect stability and performance.

iTunes 9.0.3 Software Improvements:

  • Home Sharing helps you manage your family’s iTunes collection between computers in your home. iTunes can automatically transfer new purchases, or you can choose just the items you want.
  • iPod and iPhone syncing now allows you to organize your iPhone and iPod touch home screens directly in iTunes. Syncing is now also more flexible, allowing you to sync individual artists, genres, or TV show and Podcast episodes.
  • iTunes LP and iTunes Extras create unique experiences that feature exclusive interviews, videos, photos, and more — available with select album and movie purchases on the iTunes Store.
  • iTunes U items are now organized into their own section in your iTunes library.
  • iTunes Store has a brand new look, with improved navigation for quick and easy exploration.
  • Sync with iPod nano (5th generation), iPod classic (Fall 2009), and iPod touch (Fall 2009).
  • Genius Mixes are created for you by iTunes and play songs from your library that go great together.
  • iTunes 9 also includes many other improvements, such as HE-AAC encoding and playback, more flexibility with Smart Playlists rules, simpler organization of your media files inside an iTunes Media folder, and more.

The iTunes 9.0.3 free software download requires either one of the following system requirements: Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows 7, Win XP SP2 or Vista, Mac OS 10.4.11 or later. iTunes 9.0.3’s file size is quite huge at 90.82 MB because it is always released as a whole and not in patches. For those who want to have those bug fixes and experience the new iTunes, then download the 9.0.3 free update now.

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  1. seyi says:

    i want to download itunes 9.0 or later but its

  2. Omar Faroque says:

    I like iphone 4.

  3. james says:

    I try to download the new version of the ITunes then once the download process is on going it just prompt something telling me that the SOURCE CODE of the downloading files cannot be read.

  4. akiar says:

    password problem

  5. Albert Marston says:

    Bought a iPod Nano that requires iTunes 9.0. My Apple runs OS 3.9. I don’t think I can upgrade to 4.0. Does this mean I am not able to run 9.0 and therefore cannot download from my computer to my nano?

  6. babu says:

    No Improvement same problem of itunes freezing after connecting iphone. This exists even after updating to please help to resolve this problem. I am not able to sync my iphone with itunes, win xp OS.

  7. goonie says:

    my sounds not converting to my ipod

  8. Jiva says:

    I would like to know how I transfer all my music I have on an external hard drive to the itunes I am going to download. It is a 500 GB external Vantec Hard drive. Many Thanks. I have messed this up a few times already and have a few itunes libraries, some of which are now labeled ‘damaged’.

  9. Jim Stevens says:

    Ever since I got my iPOD Nano (2/7/10) and after I had my wife copy my CDS to the computer to iTunes, I am having a hard time controlling my cursor (wireless mouse). I was going to try to download and everytime I click on the link for a fix of some kind, it takes me back to where I was. I am not completely computer literate so some things I just don’t understand. HELP!!!
    Thank you,