Steve Jobs Unveils Mac App Store, iTunes App Store Counterpart for Mac OS X Machines

Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed at the “Back to the Mac” event that within the next 90 days Apple will launch a desktop applications store. The new App Store is modeled after the very successful iTunes App Store used by iOS devices owners. The only difference is, it’s designed primarily for Mac OS X computers.

Apple Mac App Store Release Date

Steve Jobs announces forthcoming desktop application store

This app store for Mac OS X computers will provide users with an app catalog, automatic updates and instant purchase and downloading of softwares into their new iMac and/or MacBook Air.

Mac App Store will be available immediately to current Mac OS X 10.5 or higher computers. It will have the same look and feel as that of the iTunes App Store so customers will have an easy time adjusting to it.

Accordingly, Apple announced that the same revenue-sharing model will also be implemented in the Mac App Store. Developers will get 70% of every sale and Apple will take a commission of 30%.

Steve Jobs pointed out that there are already more than 600,000 Mac OS X developers and instead of them wasting their money trying to sell their softwares through middle-men vendors, the Mac App Store will be more effective avenue for sales growth.

Small developers like those who created Pixelmator, Transmit and Mailplane will have better chances of selling more copies because Mac App Store will be preinstalled on all Mac computers!

Apple knows that their costumers can be very impulsive buyers if you give them instant purchase and download ability. iPhone users proved this again and again, they buy tons of softwares from the App Market on almost daily basis!

Will the Mac App Store have the same success that iTunes App Store is enjoying now? Will desktop users be as impulsive as their mobile user counterparts?

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