Download Free File Sharing Programs (P2P) and Share Files

There are many free file sharing programs that you can actually download online. Some of the file sharing programs I use are BitTorrent and microTorrent – both P2P (peer-to-peer softwares). With these file sharing programs, people can actually share their photos, documents, videos and free softwares online. There is one problem with these file sharing programs though – download speeds are variable depending on the number of ‘seeders’ (people sharing the same file). The more seeders, the better.

Some file sharing programs though can be the doorways for malware attacks. This is because viruses, malwares and spywares are sometimes embedded by file uploaders into the files. If you have been downloading files from Torrent sites, you must have experienced this at least once. As a safety measure, always keep you antivirus software running in the background to check if the files you are downloading via file sharing programs are clean. Some very good free antivirus softwares are AVG Free and NOD Eset. I have stopped using Kaspersky Antivirus in 2007.

As to file sharing programs, you can also try looking into the features of Shareaza, Kazaa Lite, and one of my favorite opensource softwares, Frostwire (watch the video below on the comparison between Limewire and Frostwire).

I will publish some file sharing program reviews when I have fully tested the newest version of these softwares starting with Frostwire. Stay updated on these developments. Please feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  1. Delabate Sammy says:

    There is a Peer2Peer (P2P) app for droid available at the store now! I downloaded it and works awesome. I think the P2P add for android phones is worth 99 cents / free but worth paying hefty charges on MMS / Ringtone ;-)

  2. luke says:

    Would like to know or get a program like limewire or blubster that will work on my droid I can’t download videos or play them new a video and music player that will work. I’m not up on all new stuff if u can help. That would great if needed call luke @ 843 685 9236

    Thank you.

  3. […] it’s true you can download Free File Sharing Programs (P2P) like Limewire, Frostwire and many other file sharing programs, the files that you download may not […]