BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 Update Free Download Released by RIM

PlayBook and BlackBerry phone owners are hereby informed that Research in Motion has finally released the final version of BlackBerry Bridge 2.0. It can be downloaded from

Before installing this new version of BlackBerry Bridge, please ensure that the BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB Tablet Computer (or any version) about to be updated to Bridge 2.0 is already installed with OS 2.0.

Download BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 Update for FREE

Download Version 2.0 of Blackberry Bridge to Your Playbook and Enjoy Interconnectivity with Your Blackberry Smartphone.

Should you have any trouble installing this latest update, get the latest version of App World 3.1.0 from

BlackBerry Bridge is the software that allows pair up between a BlackBerry handset such as the BlackBerry Curve 9380 to a PlayBook tablet computer.

Once installed, the phone’s keyboard, touchscreen and trackpad can be used to remotely control the paired PlayBook.

The larger 7-inch display of the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet PC means it is easier to play games, surf the web and watch movies.

This wireless connectivity allows remote management of the phone’s email, contacts, tasks, calendar and BlackBerry Messenging.

If you own both RIM devices, be kind to your eyes and use this software to view your phone’s small screen on the larger display of the PlayBook.

Furthermore, BlackBerry Bridge free download or update will allow you to directly open attachments and files on your PlayBook from your BlackBerry Curve or Bold’s screen menu. It is also possible to copy or paste from anywhere inside the BlackBerry Bridge PlayBook apps. Version 2.0 now lets you use Device Properties to turn off or turn on BlackBerry Bridge email, address and calendar accounts.

Now here’s the sweet surprise, if you don’t own the PlayBook but still have a BlackBerry Phone, you can still download BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 on it and use it to remotely control an Android tablet that uses Bluetooth HID profile.

This hack works with a Motorola Xoom and HTC Flyer 7-inch Android OS 2.3 Tablet! Special hint, the Sony PlayStation 3 also uses Bluetooth HID profile so why not try it!

If you want these conveniences, better get the free BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 download as soon as possible.

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