Beware of Limewire Viruses and Trojans: Sample Limewire Virus Video

Viruses in Limewire, a free P2P file sharing software like Frostwire, has been reported many times in the past as a file sharing software vulnerable to virus and trojan attacks. Limewire users are now a bit apprehensive to use it again after experiencing virus infection via Limewire (latest version is 5).

Here is a sample video showing a virus detected in Limewire:

There is actually nothing to fear about any Limewire virus if and only if you know how to safeguard your computer from viruses and trojans. In case of virus infection and prevention thereof, I have a few suggestions. Always keep your antivirus database or signature up-to-date. Turn on Windows auto-update for extra protection and clean up your web cache and browsing history regularly. If you are using Windows Vista, you should update Windows Defender and turn it on always especially if you’re online most of the time. Finally, do not download music files, MP3, movies and executable softwares from dubious sources. It’s difficult to trust anything that is free online. Not all sites that give away free movies or music files are trustworthy.

In view of Limewire viruses, Limewire should not be totally blamed for these. The files Limewire “serves” to users are the real culprit here so it’s actually the users’ lookout for these malicious files. Try the above-given suggestions to protect your computers from malicious softwares.

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