Download Luxand Blink! Free: A Face Recognition Software for Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS

Computer experts are encouraging consumers to try biometrics technology to secure their computers. One of which is Acer Bio Protection for notebooks. Typing in passwords is no longer enough to safeguard sensitive data inside your laptop or home PC. Some manufacturers are now e-shipping laptops and netbooks with built-in fingerprint identification system. This is a clear acknowledgment in the industry that adding better security measures is needed in this era of sophisticated hackers. Biometrics doesn’t usually come free but a company called Luxand issued a free software called Blink! that offers a precise face recognition login system for 32-bit Windows7 and Vista OS computers. You can download it free from their website located at

Luxand Blink! Face Recognition Software for Windows

Luxand Blink! is a Free Face Fecognition Software to Increase Protection of Windows 7 & Vista Comptuers

If you want to stack up the password security of Windows 7 or Vista with one more layer of defense, you should download and install Blink! This is an added safety measure just in case somebody else learns your password. The program works with any brand of webcam. It is easy to install and use. You only have to let it record your face one time and register your face in its database of allowed users. The next time you login to your computer Blink! will fire up the webcam and you will see a preview of your face with a target square that you must align to. Once it recognizes you as an authorized user of the computer it will automatically let you login.

Luxand claims that the advanced facial recognition algorithms in Blink! can compensate with any light settings. It will still recognize your face even if it’s dark. Furthermore, their program is unaffected by changes in facial appearance and will still work even if you shave or put on a beard, wear glasses, change your hair, or use make-up. You can’t fool this program with clumsy disguises. Luxand is the one of the leading company in the field of facial recognition biometrics and their commercial software is used by the military and multinational corporations.

I am very impressed with this program, it hasn’t failed me yet after 4 days of trial. I only hope that Luxand will also issue a version that will work for 64-bit editions of Windows 7 and Vista. Most PC-makers nowadays ship computers with 64-bit operating systems as default because it’s the only version that fully utilizes 4GB of RAM found on majority of new computer models.

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