Download Free Iobit Smart Defrag 1.5: Best Defragmenter Tool for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000

Iobit Smart Defrag is free to download. It is the best software to defragment your hard drive and we can vouch for its effectiveness to fix fragmentation. Why is a defragmenter tool very important to keep your hard disk drive performing in top condition? For speed. No matter how fast your computer is, it will deteriorate over time as you install more programs and download files to your hard drive.

Even Dual QuadCore computers with 8GB of RAM still suffer from recurring system slowdown when your hard drive is cluttered. The only way to ensure your computer’s optimal performance is to do regular defragmentation of your hard disk. Best is to do it weekly or twice a month. Unfortunately, most of us are just too lazy or ignorant on how to do a system defragging. We suffer and quietly whine about our stupid $2,000 laptop getting so slow we drink more coffee than we should. Disk defragmentation is the main culprit why superfast notebooks, laptops and desktop computers eventually get sluggish.

The folks who spend a lot of money on expensive computers should at least learn how to do hard disk defragging. Windows comes with a built-in defrag tool but people are hesitant to use it. I cannot blame them, Windows’ defrag program is not only slow but it is restrictive and very inefficient.

Download the free Iobit Smart Defrag from this link – Defrag_d5318.html – and install it on your Windows Machine. Iobit Smart Defrag software application is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. It works fantastic with notebooks, netbooks and laptops even when running on batteries and of course, the desktop PC. The current version of Iobit Smart Defrag is 1.5 and the software developers have improved support for defragmenting Solid State Drives.

All the hardwork of defragging is automatically done by Smart Defrag. This is one of the softwares that are so coded brilliantly, the company who made this should charge money for. Alas, Iobit Smart Defrag is totally free to download and own. By making it freeware, ignorant people dismiss it as mundane.

It’s annoying that most people do not appreciate this freeware defragging program. This is the undisputed king of defragging softwares on Earth and iobit software is giving it away for free! Outstanding coding of Smart Defrag makes it super-efficient and convenient to use. It does automatic defragging of the programs and files you use most daily. Iobit Smart Defrag achieves this painlessly because it only uses 14MB of RAM. Even ten year old computers will run this program and have auto defrag without any noticeable heavy CPU/RAM drain.

Iobit Smart Defrag Tool Free Download

Iobit Smart Defrag While Defragmenting Our Windows 7 System

Iobit Smart Defrag will automatically defrag your hard drives in the background while you do your own thing on the computer. You can even play Call of Duty: Black Ops or World of Warcraft while it works on the background and not notice any lag on your game. This is the greatness of Smart Defrag, it does its defragging smoothly and competently so it gained a highly positive review from our equally competent team of software testers.

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  1. DIMITRIS says:

    Smart Defrag 1.5 i want to download it!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  2. DIMITRIS says:

    hi people i would like the program please… (pretty bples with sugar on top…!)

  3. Nick says:

    This is a very nice & effective little defrag tool. Keeps my hard drive running smoothly and is free!