BuduControl Freeware Internet Cafe Management Software Review: Highly Recommended for Internet Cafe Owners

If you own an internet cafe and looking for a free Internet Cafe Management software, then this review is for you. We have hands-on experience in using this software and we’ve tested this one for some years now. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you already know that aside from my regular writing gig here, I also earn some money by operating a small internet cafe beside my house. I’ve been operating this business since 2002 and I was able to buy a nice 2nd-hand vehicle from the profits. There’s a good income from operating an internet cafe with 10 computer units. Even though most people on Earth have internet access in their homes, some individuals still prefer to hang out at internet cafes or computer rental shops for networking, for the social gathering experience and perhaps privacy despite the place being public. Ironic.

BuduControl Internet Cafe Management Admin Screenshot

BuduControl Internet Cafe Management is Free to Use for an Unlimited Time

You can make money from these lonely hearts. People will go to your internet cafe to try to pick up chicks or play with their friends in a LAN competition. The closed-in jeering and flirting made my internet cafe survive for 8 years! If you want to try this kind of business, first thing you do after you bought all the computer hardware is to get a good software for managing your internet cafe. I highly recommend BuduControl. It is free to download and use but it performs very well in making sure your customers aren’t abusing their time on the computers. There are other software programs that can also do this job but they cost money, BuduControl is absolutely free and doesn’t even require registration. You can get it from http://www.4shared.com/file/cgYVvKVa/BuduControlInstaller.html.

BuduControl is easy to set up and is free to use on 1 server and up to 11 client PC units. Installing it must be done manually across all computer units. Use the “Install Admin” on your server and monitoring computer and use the “Install Client” for all client computers. After doing this procedure, run BuduControl program at Admin PC and set up all the IP addresses of the client computers in your internet cafe. At the Admin PC, you must also set up the rental fees for the hourly use of the computers. BuduControl client computers will have disabled Windows Task Manager to prevent naughty customers from killing the BuduControl program! For the router, we can recommend you us (if you have the money) the newest and fastest TRENDnet Unveils 450Mbps Wireless-N TEW-691GR Router ever. Just make sure your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers fast connection or else this router will only go to waste. You won’t be able to maximize its use, that’s why.

Aside from monitoring the time usage of each computer user, BuduControl from the Admin PC will also allow you to do the following administrative rights in your internet cafe’s local area network.

  • Lock/Unlock monitor screens
  • Logoff a computer client
  • Restart a computer client
  • Reset the timer of a client PC
  • Shutdown a computer
  • Send warning message to customer that’s about to have his/her allotted time filled.
  • Record your daily collection from rental fees
  • If you leave the Admin PC, you have the option to lock it out to prevent unauthorized access

BuduControl is a great program for any internet cafe owners. It offers real-time monitoring and control of your client computers. If you are planning to engage in this kind of business, BuduControl should be your first choice. It’s free and yet very efficient. Good luck!

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    Can I use non static Ip addresses other than 192.168……….?