Spicy Guitar Review: Free VST Virtual Guitar for Software-based Musicians

For people interested in digital music production, try the recently released free audio software -Spicy Guitar. I personally use Ableton Live but I got bored with the techno sounds it produced. I have an acoustic guitar and I tried recording some strumming riffs with it but I got frustrated that my hands cannot play the melody and rhythm in my head. If you are still a mediocre guitar player like me, we should all try the free VST plug-in, Spicy Guitar.

Spicy Guitar Software Review and Features

Create realistic guitar music using this free VST Plugin. Just use a computer and create some cool-sounding acoustic guitar music with Spicy Guitar!

Spicy Guitar is a virtual synthesizer that’s modeled to produce realistic acoustic guitar sounds. Since it’s a VST plug-in, it needs a VST (Virtual Studio Technology) host such as Ableton Live, Cakewalk or Logic Audio to take advantage of this software’s powerful guitar synthesizer.

Spicy Guitar Review: The developers, Pierre-Andre and Benoit, have created one of the world’s best virtual guitarist software. It is almost as good as the $249 product, RealGuitar from MusicLab which I currently own. Spicy Guitar’s guitar tones are purely virtually generated which is unlike RealGuitar that uses recorded samples of real guitar instruments.

Spicy Guitar music software comes with 9 different virtual acoustic guitar instruments, 4 folk, 2 classical, 1 jumbo, 1 gypsy and 1 flamenco. It also offers both nylon and steel string sounds. Based on my hands-on review, the acoustic audio generated by Spicy Guitar is not as full or as natural as those produced by MusicLab’s RealGuitar. However, if you tweak it and add some doubling technique, Spicy Guitar’s virtual guitar sound actually comes as natural sounding as it can be. I bet the average musician will even be fooled to think it’s a real guitar that’s playing!

Watch the Spicy Guitar in action in this video:

What I love about Spicy guitar is that it’s the first guitar synth software that has realistic guitar playing techniques. On this VST plug-in, you can do palm muting, string bend, legato and vibrato! It’s instant technique execution through the use of a MIDI controller too! Just use the pitch wheel or sustain button on a MIDI keyboard such as the Korg Nano USB Digital Music Controller to create professional guitarist tricks!

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