Lazar Freezer: Free Windows Software to Manage CPU Usage

No matter how powerful a Quad-Core Windows computer is, its system will still slow down for habitual multi-taskers. Windows 7 is still plagued by system choking when there’s too much programs running simultaneously because Microsoft has yet to discover a better way to manage CPU loads. Thankfully, there’s a new free open-source program that will address this very annoying problem – the Lazar Freezer freeware.

Lazar Freezer Freeware Windows Utility CPU Management

This program is the very best when it comes to managing the CPU resources of a Windows PC.

Lazar Freezer is made by a genius and generous coder hiding behind the monicker, lazar. His free program is a very small app that is dedicated exclusively to quickly lessen the CPU load of running softwares or Windows processes so that maximum CPU resources are given to the active program currently being use.

When checking Windows Task Manager and the Processes Tab, it is noticeable that a lot of idle programs and system processes are still consuming huge CPU loads but people dare not force kill them because it might screw up the entire Windows system. This is where Lazar Freezer does its magic. Just launch this utility and then it will freeze idle running programs to minimum CPU usage of 1%. It can freeze and unfroze programs and Windows components safely. This is definitely one of the must-have freewares by multi-taskers.

Lazar Freezer can freeze multiple programs comfortably without causing any system lock-up. This software will enable to you to give the maximum CPU power to the program you need most. Like, for example, I use Adobe Photoshop everyday in my graphic artist duties and I use Lazar Freezer to quickly freeze Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo Messenger, BitLord and others when I’m editing large and multi-layer layouts! This wonderful Lazar Freezer program is available for free download at

Just like the Lazar Freezer for Windows 7 that manages CPU usage, there is also a freeware for people with same problems using handsets or tablets with Android OS – the NetQin Android Booster.

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