TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3: Freeware to Help Transfer Files Faster

For those who are still stuck with old desktops and laptops and still languishes in the decades old USB 1.0 realm, here’s a free program to help speed file transfers. TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3 File Transfer Management Software is available for public use! It’s a very tiny app exclusively designed to quickly move files between computers, disk drives and USB storages!

TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3 Free Download and Features

This freeware is a great help in improving file transfer speed especially for older computer systems.

Code Sector, developer of this wonderful utility, deserves much praise for creating a very effective and lightweight file transfer accelerator. TeraCopy is one of the very efficient freewares because it uses dynamic buffers that automatically adjusts to reduce seek times. It also implements an Asynchronous method to rapidly increase file transfer.

And just like internet download managers, TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3 also supports Pause and Resume file transfers. This feature is very useful when transferring huge files between computers or disk drives. TeraCopy will let you pause a transfer and continue it the next day without any problem.

TeraCopy also boasts Error Detection and Recovery. It will keep trying until it correctly transfers files but if the problematic component cannot be fixed, TeraCopy will automatically skip it and continue transferring the other files. This is very convenient because a small 1kb error usually results in cancelled file transfers.

TeraCopy Version 2.2 Beta 3 New Improvements:

  • Better USB devices ejection added.
  • Option ‘CardReader’ to ini file added.
  • Option ‘ForceSameDriveMode’ to ini file added.
  • New language strings added.
  • Crush when testing md5 files fixed.
  • Always test target folder and request admin privileges if needed (fixed).

Specify a device name (e.g. CardReader=Multi-Card reader) to unmount volumes instead of ejecting a card reader device.

This program also has a very comprehensive database for failed transfers and will let users fix the problematic transfers and if the problem still persists, TeraCopy will just copy the files that are not affected. Furthermore, TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3 Freeware can actually replace Windows Explorer’s copy and paste functions via shell integration!

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