Eltima Software’s SyncMate: Synchronize Android Devices with Mac OS X

I own a Mac Mini and Macbook but I no longer have an iOS device and I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy phone. I resorted to intensive Google searching for a way to synchronize my Samsung Galaxy S to my Mac computers. I would like to share with you what I discovered regarding this matter – Eltima Software’s SyncMate.

Eltima Software SyncMate Android to Mac Synchronization Software Review

Those who require a way to synch a Mac and Android device should download SyncMate Free Edition.

Those who needs to synch an Android phone or tablet to a Mac OS computer, Eltima Software’s SyncMate program is highly recommended. SyncMate is being offered with a free version that let users synchronize contacts and calendars between Android devices and Mac OS X computers. This program uses USB, Bluetooth or WiFi to connect between the two without complicated procedures.

For those have a wireless router, the easiest way is to connect your Android Smartphone to a Mac PC is via Wi-Fi. I did it this way and I found it was a cakewalk transferring my entire personal and business contacts database from my Mac Mini to my Samsung Galaxy S Android phone.

If you want more features, upgrade to SyncMate Expert edition for $39.95. This paid version lets you synchronize not only contacts and calendars – it lets you synchronize file folders, music, pictures, videos, and documents between Android and Mac! Let this program transfer all your gazillion of iTunes songs to an Android handset!

The SyncMate Expert edition also lets you read, write and send SMS messages on a Macintosh desktop or laptop! Furthermore, SyncMate will also synchronize files between a Mac and other gadgets aside from Android. It will work with Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7, Sony PSP, USB Flash Drives and it’s even compatible with Google Web Services!

SyncMate Free Edition is available for download on mac.eltima.com.

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