SpaceSniffer Freeware: Amazing Real Time Disk Space Analyzer

No matter how large the hard drive is, it will still get filled up fast with multiple junk files that slow down computers. Windows 7 owners should know about this sad plight. They buy 1Terabyte hard drives and yet they keep getting “Disk Full” message every now and then. This is why I dislike Windows because it really has a very poor disk management system. Those who want to keep their hard drive in top shape better download SpaceSniffer (v1.1.3.1). It’s a freeware disk clean-up utility.

SpaceSniffer Freeware Utility Disk Cleaner for Windows

Windows users should download and use SpaceSniffer to clean out their messy hard drives.

I know there are other third-party software utilities that offers fancy disk cleaning benefits but SpaceSniffer v1.1.3.1 is one of the best because of its intuitive engine. Free SpaceSniffer download is available on It’s a small download and this program is fully portable – it can run from a USB drive with full functionalities!

I like SpaceSniffer because it offers a very easy and quick way to emancipate hidden free space lurking inside my hard drive. What this program does is scan your disks and it will then generate a Treemap graphic showing the folder and files inside your drive. The Treemap concept was invented by Prof. Ben Shneirderman and is the best way to analyze a computer drive’s content directory in my opinion. The bigger the folder, the more space it occupies!

After viewing the Treemap created by this program, use SpaceSniffer to automatically sniff and find hidden space eaten by “ghost artifact” files. SpaceSniffer then will automatically delete these temporary files to alleviate the burden on your hard drive.

SpaceSniffer uses smart caching and won’t gobble up too much RAM. It also won’t clutter your Windows Registry since it only creates a plain XML file! This program also supports drag and drop operations, zooming, navigate while scanning, file tagging and the Treemap graphic can be customized with unique colors.

SpaceSniffer v1.1.3.1 download is available for Windows 7, XP, Vista and 2000 operating systems.

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