Plants vs. Zombies for Android Free Download Exclusive on Amazon AppStore

PopCap Games, maker of the now-legendary Plants vs. Zombies game franchise has chosen Amazon’s AppStore as the exclusive distributor of the Android Version of Plants vs. Zombies. It’s about time! PopCap took so long porting this game to the Android OS. The HD version of Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has been around iTunes since 2010!

Plants Vs Zombies Android Download Free

After more than 6 months of waiting, PopCap games finally released the Android version of Plants vs. Zombies.

This is a great triumph for the Android platform. Finally, game developers are acknowledging Google’s fast-rising mobile OS is going to be the future and not Apple’s iOS. PopCap’s latest foray might mean they will also soon port more of their blockbuster games to Android too.

Plants vs. Zombies for Android can be downloaded for free exclusively from Amazon’s Appstore via Wi-Fi only. Don’t complain if you can’t get this game via your carrier’s 3G or 4G signal. This Android version is a faithful recreation of the original PC desktop version it gives gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, cute ingame characters, hilarious sound effects and addictive gameplay!

Amazon AppStore’s version of this very popular game comes with 50 levels of Adventure mode. Gameplay is also spiced up by different scenarios, battle brain-hungry zombies through night, day, foggy weather and even experience blasting undeads on a swimming pool and on rooftop! Just like the iOS version, Plants vs. Zombies for Android also comes with 26 types of enemy zombies like snorkelers, bucketheads and pole-vaulters.

On this Android port, PopCap included 49 perennial collectibles and you can earn 10 Achievements. There’s also a new comprehensive Game Almanac where you can look up all the plants and zombies and other trivias. And just like the original desktop game, this Android version will require you to carefully select your defensive plants. Each zombie type has different skills and weaknesses!

Please take note that Amazon made it clear that this Android version of Plants vs. Zombies is not yet optimized for bigger-screen Android devices. Pixelation will be visible when played in 10-inch tablets but gameplay will not be affected. Furthermore, due to the strict graphics requirements of PopCap, this game will not very well on Motorola Droid, Droid X, Devour, and Flipside.

Other Android phones that will not be able to install Plants vs. Zombies are Samsung Transform, Samsung Intercept, HTC Aria, HTC MyTouch 3G, Sony Ericsson X8, Sanyo Zio, Kyocera Echo and LG Ally. Owners of these particular Android handsets shouldn’t bother downloading this game from Amazon AppStore!

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    i want this game app

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