Facebook Mafia Wars Bangkok: All Jobs Available and Fighting is Open

Here are some more Mafia Wars News update for you out there. It seems the new Mafia Wars Bangkok is something that makes me want to play Mafia Wars again for long hours. Mafia Wars Bangkok update just opened all Job tiers for Bangkok, the latest city expansion. Those of us who have already mastered the Episode 1 Brawler and Episode 2 Criminal Job tiers can now go back to do Episodes 3, 4, and 5.

Play the New Mafia Wars Bangkok

I’d like to congratulate Zynga for the quick release of this new job update. Remember, Bangkok Open Beta started only a few weeks ago. Zynga is aggressively trying to win back former Mafia Players who switched to other games for the want of a new experience. It should be noted that in its hey-day Mafia Wars was the biggest game on Facebook with 35 million Monthly Active Users in October 2009. Players got bored with it and went to play other games. For January 2010, Mafia Wars continued its downward spiral. It only has 24 Million Monthly Active Users left. Guys like me will go back playing Mafia Wars actively again just to finish this Bangkok expansion. I’ve been busy with FarmVille and Cafe World the last 3 weeks.

The Fight Page on Bangkok is now also live. We can start whacking Yakuza or Triad faction members. This is something new and exciting because you can improve your own faction standing by killing the opposing faction members. For example, I am more affiliated with the Yakuza faction so it is better for me to kill Triad members on Fight Page. I can get higher faction points for Yakuza for being a loyal killer. Nice move for Zynga to spice up Bangkok, in this way friends and clan mates will really have to organize themselves in 1 faction only. Loyalty to one criminal organization is a reality and Mafia Wars just got more realistic with this new Bangkok Fighting rule.

I have very low Energy Stat so I only do a few jobs everyday. With this new Bangkok Fighting feature of faction-based combat, I can go higher-up in the Yakuza ranking much more easily. In case you forgot, the higher your faction standing, the better weapons or items you can obtain from your faction. I am going for high-attack items that are why I opted to join the Yakuza faction.

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