Play the Addictive FarmVille on MSN Games Free

Yes, you read it right – you can now play Farmville on MSN Games. The mighty Microsoft has finally woke-up to the impending domination of social gaming on the web by offering Farmville on MSN. The biggest software company on the planet has partnered up with Zynga and asked it to put its record-busting FarmVille game on Microsoft’s stodgy MSN portal. Zynga already branched-out Farmville to its own website and this recent news is perplexing because analysts are saying Zynga doesn’t need MSN at all. FarmVille at Facebook alone has more than 75 Million users and growing fast every week

You Can Play Farmville on MSN Games Now

I guess Zynga could not say no since Microsoft is a big shareholder of Facebook. And Facebook is one of the biggest investors on Zynga. I bet this is another wicked tactic of Bill Gates to earn more dollars for his company. He is a genius and very greedy. He already concluded social gaming is going to be earning billions within the next 5 years.

In any case, FarmVille will be using Facebook Connect on MSN Games. If you wat to know how to play Farmville on MSN, go to and login with your Facebook ID to play FarmVille free of charge. But what is the point of going to MSN just to play FarmVille? Hmmmm, something doesn’t smell nice.

It is rumored that other Zynga games will also soon be available on MSN Games. The chief mouthpiece of MSN is bragging that their portal has more than 500 million users around the globe-which is bigger than Facebook’s reported 350 million users. What a load of crap! Microsoft just wants its share of money from FarmVille addicts that’s why Zynga was browbeaten to sign up for MSN service. Just go to MSN Games web page and witness the pathetic numbers of their top games. People go to MSN for email and news services, not gaming! I just checked MSN Games and the FarmVille ad is now its background wallpaper. Good luck. I still am not going to MSN to play FarmVille!

Zynga should reconsider this nefarious deal. I do not see any significant benefits for them being on MSN. Perhaps it is because Zynga folks already feels that Microsoft is plotting to buy them very soon? Let’s wait and see if FarmVille’s going to MSN is the first step to a complete takeover of Zynga by Microsoft. This is a fabulous speculation on my part and I am betting it will come true soon.

On the bright side of this deal, Microsoft is promising that in the future, Zynga games will be integrated with its super popular MSN Messenger chat program. I believe this can be very beneficial to gamers since Facebook chat is garbage. It would really be very nice to be able to do voice and video chat with my FarmVille and Cafe World neighbors. Mafia Wars on MSN Messenger is going to be awesome. I and my clan mates can speak in real-time to coordinate our attack and defensive maneuvers while doing mafia clan wars.

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    I want to play Farmville!

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    i want to play farmville on MSN games too. Is it free??

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    its a great game farmvile

  4. Nico says:

    i want to play farmvile