Zynga Introduces CityVille via Farmville on Facebook

Zynga is on the roll. The company that made Farmville has launched a few days ago the new Cityville Facebook game app. The release of this new game came shortly after launching the new payment method via American Express Card.

CityVille Launched by Zynga through Farmville on Facebook

Check out Zynga's new creation - Cityville - a modern counterpart of Farmville Game App on FB

In Cityville, you’ll need to build your own City. The game logic is similar to Farmville except that instead of building barns and beehives, you’ll be building city structures. Sounds cool for those who are not comfortable receiving nails, bricks and wood boards to build tents and rest tables.

American Express can also be used in paying for things that you can purchase in CityVille. With the new Facebook app, Zynga hopes to increase not just its income but also loyalty from gamers.

You can automatically enable to join and create a new ciy in Cityville via Farmville itself because the sign post for this new game is plastered across all farms. If you’re annoyed by the sign post, you can click on it and “remove it from your farm”.

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  1. Sue says:

    Cityville will not load anymore on my laptop. It only gets the left side of the screen making it unplayable. Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. Leo says:

    Does the Samsung tablet pc (Galaxy Tab) support cityville?

  3. arjun tarra says:

    how do i get it?

  4. Jan Donaldson says:

    I cannot get a game feed (or post) from friends for Cityville. I see mine but not theirs. I get them ok for farmville. I have read and tried all the directions on forums or your directions but still cannot figure it out.