Zynga’s Farmville Partners with American Express Card for a New Payment Method Scheme

I’ve been playing Farmville for about 3 months now. My Friend Almario has been playing for a year. Truly, Farmville is an addictive Facebook Game App.

Farmville and American Express Card Introduces New Payment Method

Zynga Introduced American Express Card as new Payment of Goods and other Items in Famville

Having said that, Zynga knows the culture of gamers when it comes to satisfying their hunger for a bigger and better farm. Capitalizing on this hunger, Zynga hope to exceed their earnings in 2009 with this new venture.

Here comes American Express to add another payment method for Farmville gamers worldwide. Yup! You can now get a credit card from American express and pay for additional Cash and other infrastructures or upgrades in Farmville to increase your chances to level up and improve your virtual farm.

You can use this payment method whether you’re playing Farmville on iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad Tablet PC and/or online via Facebook.

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  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    I am ashamed and shocked at American express for their participation in such an online scam.. Farmville has over produced his product that players are dropping out by the thousands due to unfixed and reoccurring bugs and glitches in the game. GL American Express. Good luck suckers who get roped into the game.