FarmVille Cheats: How to Harvest More Crops Faster

Alright, here’s one Farmville cheat I’m going to share with you. You can look into more Farmville cheats and tutorials in our archives but this one is for harvesting crops faster than usual (to earn more coins later). Ok I am now level 9 in less than a day of playing FarmVille. I hope you took my advice to concentrate on planting strawberries because it gives the best experience rate during early levels. I also expect you plowed most of your farm land and have them productive. Look at my screenshot. I maximized my early land area with almost 95% planted with strawberries. This is not even one of the Top 10 Most Profitable Crops to Plant in Farmville but for experimentation purposes, I used it anyway. This huge size of crop area is already giving me a headache. Plowing, planting and harvesting strawberries take a long time because my farmer is such a slow cartoon. I am trying to level very quickly to access better crops to plant so I did some brainstorming on how to speed up the process of FarmVille Activities.

Farmville Cheat on Harvesting More Crops

Ever since my early days of computer gaming, I always try to exploit any bug or deficiency of any game I like. I did it with StarCraft and Diablo I and its been very rewarding to cheat on all the games I play. It is not a crime but rather more like a reward for being so clever. I am sure game programmers are laughing at their own expense for leaving bugs on games that they sell. The game community also deserves some bit of challenge in finding workarounds or cheats. This way, buyers of games gets more motivated to play a particular game. I suppose game publishers are leaving bugs to be discovered by players as way to advertise the game for free. You see a player will buy another new version of the game he used to cheat on in the hope that his old cheats will still work on the new version!

So in my 15 years of playing, I still haven’t met any games that are bug-free. FarmVille is the same. I figured out a simple way to speed up planting, plowing and harvesting. You have to jail or trap your farmer! I am sure others have figured it out already. I am still writing this because I am confident some of you still don’t know this cheat.

First time you login at FarmVille, go and buy some White Fences at the Market, buy 4 of them. Next make your farmer walk into a clear area and put the 4 fences around him. That fence will keep your farmer stuck inside and you can start cheating. You can start plowing, planting and harvesting at great convenience. No more slow walking up and down to do these chores. The trapped farmer will be ignored by FarmVille’s programming and it will harvest, plow or plant in a very speedy manner as if your farmer is flying on steroids!

This Farmville cheat will save you from buying a tractor and fuel. You can do your farming duties much faster compared to using a tractor. You can spend the money instead in buying more important farm items like a house or barn.

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