Cafe World Tips on How to Manage a Successful Restaurant

Zynga keeps on cranking out winners and Cafe World is another big hit for social gamers. If you are on Facebook, it will be hard to ignore the viral popularity of Cafe World. You know I am a degenerate Mafia Wars player but most of my friends are into Cafe World so I got infected with their enthusiasm. They keep posting funny and weird Cafe World menus on my Wall and to satisfy their persistence, I joined the Cafe World aside from Farmville, along with millions of other gamers in Facebook.

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I now have a level 21 Cafe World account at Facebook and boy, I am hopelessly addicted to it the same way with mafia Wars and Farville – top Facebook games thus far. However, I prefer playing Cafe World now than Mafia Wars. I guess I got too strong at Mafia Wars and the game got boring after killing so many weaklings. Cafe World is the antithesis of Mafia Wars. This game is all about feeding people and not killing or robbing them. I think I spend 3 hours checking my Cafe World restaurant compared to Mafia Wars wherein I only spend one hour with each day.

You start out at Cafe World as an owner of a small diner. Your objective is to level up and earn Cafe coins so you can expand your restaurant empire. In order to do this you need lots of profits to beautify your restaurant and attract more customers. It’s not easy to do this, in order to attract customers you need to spend lots of Cafe coins to improve the look and increase the area of your restaurant. You level up by cooking and visiting your friends on Cafe World. You assist them and you get bonus XP. Since I have more than 4,800 Facebook friends, I have at least 1,000 Cafe World Neighbors which I can visit if I want to. It is also great having so many Cafe World friends because you get to take some of their bonus dishes which they usually posts on their wall. You may not cook as much as you want at lower levels but you can keep feeding customers by getting the free bonus dishes from your friends. I did this leeching technique to pad my Cafe coins. I was very patient in clicking all the bonus dish links on my friends’ Walls. This method lets you earn Cafe coins without spending a dime cooking. With Cafe coins I gained from leeching, I was able to buy beautiful tables and chairs for my restaurant. I also was able to expand the area of my restaurant and changed the tiling of its floor. More posts coming up about one of my favorite free Facebook apps. Stay stuck!

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  1. Bernice says:

    I no longer see the bonus dishes and points on my wall from my cafe world friends and neighbors. How do I get them back ?

  2. Fran says:

    Just another comment to succeed in Cafe World, which I have successfully tried. If you lock your servers behind the counter wall they serve your food as soon as your customer sits down. They cannot get out from behind the counter, therefore they serve from where they are standing.

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