Zombie Lane Game Review: Hilarious Zombie Game on Facebook

So after doing the laundry this Monday morning, I checked my Facebook page and a game advert caught my curiosity. I clicked on it and lo, I just found another great Facebook addiction! It’s a zombie-theme action Flash game called Zombie Lane. So if you are bored farming or city-building, why not try this undead apocalypse game from Digital Chocolate. Read my quick Zombie Lane review within this article.

Zombie Lane Game Facebook App Review

Ready for another Facebook addiction? I highly recommend you try Zombie Lane! It's a comedy take on the whole undead apocalypse plot.

I immediately fell in love with Zombie Lane because of its goofy take on the whole zombie scenario. Unlike the usual horror-theme game, this is one of the Facebook Games wherein developers decided to add a bucketful of humor. I’m also glad to find out that Zombie Lane only ate up 165MB of my RAM unlike other action Flash games like FarmVille or Cafe World. The guys at Digital Chocolate deserve my salutations for the efficient ActionScript coding of Zombie Lane!

I only played Zombie Lane Facebook Game App for one hour and I’m at level 5 now. I love the amusing music background and the funny voice-overs of this game. This game starts you off in the first day after a zombie apocalypse. Your entire neighborhood has been reduced to rubble by a marauding horde of undead. You are in your suburban house and you will have to rescue Rob the Rent-a-Cop village guard from being the breakfast of hungry Zombies. He will tell you to pick up a nearby shovel so you can attack the zombies.

Pick up the shovel and left click the zombies to whack their heads off. After rescuing Rob, he will guide you with several quests as a tutorial on how to play Zombie Lane. First quest he will give you is for you to kill 3 more zombies and after achieving that, Rob will then ask you to go and find his walkie-talkie.

I know, I know, I can hear your spoiler alerts! So I’ll shut up for now and I’ll let you discover this game for yourself. Go and play it yourself and find out why I got hooked with it the first minute I loaded it on my Facebook.

One last hint, this game is played like Zynga’s FrontierVille. You have to rebuild your house and your fence to keep off the zombies. Search the rubbles to find building materials. And just like all Zynga-inspired Flash game Facebook Apps, Zombie Lane activities also takes energy points so you really can’t do much in whole day. You have to wait for your energy level to recharge so you can do your Zombie Lane tasks!

So that’s my Zombie Lane game review for now. Tell us what you think and leave your own game review.

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